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Need a proper Ongage email template? In our compilation, you’ll find one that meets your current campaign’s goals best. Customize details to stay brand consistent. Craft delicious email campaigns.

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Why would you need the Ongage newsletter templates that Stripo offers? Because building and editing emails with Stripo is a piece of cake. Here, at Stripo we enable you to build unique custom templates in no time!

Automation of Ongage email templates production

We do cherish your time and want you to spend at least half as much time on email creation. 

Which is why we offer:

1. Ready-to-use Ongage email templates

No need to build email from scratch — among a wide variety of email templates that Stripo offers, you sure will find the one that meets your current needs best.

Replace our default content with yours, insert your contact information and your email is ready to go.

2. Drag-n-Drop blocks for Ongage email templates

We offer 11 basic blocks and many more to come in the short-run.

You just pull the necessary one in your Ongage email template, insert proper content and that’s it — no coding skills required. 

The basic blocks are:

3. Smart elements to speed up the creation of Ongage newsletter templates

Building product cards is an arduous and time-consuming task. Just imagine — you design them once, and when building a new Ongage HTML email template, you simply insert a link to your product’s page and your email builder retrieves and adds all this information in proper fields. Well, this is really happening. With Stripo’s smart-elements, you can build product cards in literally no time. Please, refer to this blog post for more information on how to configure smart-elements. 

4. Library of content modules to store your Ongage email templates

Tired of building similar email templates or similar email elements from scratch? Well, then don’t do it. Just save the elements/email templates, that you use frequently, to your personal content library. When building a new campaign, just pull these samples into your free Ongage newsletter templates — build emails in literally no time. 

Tools to work on Ongage email design

Here, we want to introduce just some embedded tools that Stripo provides:

1. Embedded photo editor to brighten up your Ongage newsletter templates

You do not any tool like Photoshop or any other tool to work with images. Stripo offers its embedded photo editor — you just upload images, click the edit button and photo editor opens in a new pop-up window. 

2. Advanced techniques for building Interactive Ongage email templates with no coding skills

You can build CSS-animated buttons with no coding skills. You will only need to set the “highlighted button” color when building the very button.

You can also apply rollover effect to images to better engage with your customers. 

Make your Ongage email templates interactive with no coding skills.

3. Option to use custom fonts for Ongage newsletter templates

If you want to use custom fonts for your email campaigns, you can upload one to Stripo. Sometimes you need for brand consistency.

Please be advised: if a particular font is not supported by your recipient’s email client, the font will be replaced by a default one.

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