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Browse our elegant wedding invitation email templates to find the best one. Fill it in with your content. Invite relatives, and friends to your wedding via email.

Wedding invitation newsletter templates are all about the design. Hence, our duty is to make them appealing, and romantic. Of course, it’s not that our friends and colleagues will refuse to join the wedding celebration if they don’t like the invitation email, but a good looking one will only add some anticipation to all the waiting.

Working on wedding invitation email design

We’re going to list just the most important design details to pay close attention to.

1. Banners

The banner is essential for every email. It sets the vibe for the entire email. It can be anything you like.

But as long as couples invite people to celebrate their love and to celebrate their new family, it might be reasonable to add a picture of the very couple. It will make your wedding invitation emails more personal.

Place some heartfelt text over the very photo.

You may also give the date and place of the event over the banner image.

Stripo offers over 40 decorative fonts to make your email design complete and less formal.

Read in this post some details on how to create romantic banners with Stripo.

2. Photos

Add as many personal photos of yours as you want in your wedding invitation newsletter templates. To make your email design consistent, you might need to edit these photos, to apply the same filters to make them look similar, or even to add funny stickers to these photos — it is totally up to you how to enliven them if you feel like doing it.

We just want to let you know that our email builder has an embedded photo editor to let you work on the pictures directly in Stripo with no 3rd-party tools.

3. Video

If you decide to reach out to your gets by email, why not make these even more personal?

You can effortlessly insert video into each wedding invitation HTML email template where you and your fiance (fiancee) invite everyone to attend your wedding party, where you notify guests about the date and place of the celebration of your wedding, etc.

Make your invitations unforgettable and remarkable.

See how to utilize videos in emails with Stripo.

4. Bulleted lists and headings

To highlight the most important information in your wedding invitation email template, you are welcome to use headings. But in order to share the agenda of your wedding celebration, bulleted lists will be of great help.

5. Backgrounds

Backgrounds make your emails look complete.

As a background image, we understand either a background color or a background image.

In Stripo, you can set either for any free wedding invitation email template with no need to work with the CSS or HTML code of emails. However, we strongly recommend that you set the background color as a fallback in case you use background images to enliven your invitations.

Find more details on how to set backgrounds with Stripo here.

6. Maps

You invite family and friends to be with you on this special day? Don’t make them search for the event’s location on Google.

Be so kind as to include a map at the footer of your email, and kindly add a link to this map.

When your sisters and brothers tap the map, they will be redirected to Google map, hence, they will find the necessary location effortlessly.

7. Custom fonts

This is quite optional. But if you want your wedding invitation emails to be totally unique and personal, write your invitation text in custom fonts. 

Please be advised that only some email clients support custom fonts.

Find the details on how to upload and utilize custom fonts with Stripo on our blog.

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