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Need a proper Amazon SES email template? — Look no more! Find the one that meets your current needs best. Send out delicious newsletters that you build in no time.

Our Most Popular Amazon SES Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

Amazon SES is a world-known ESP. But even here Stripo can be useful for its:

Email production automation

Yes, first of all, we do value your time and want to enable you to build emails half much as fast.

1. Amazon SES email templates

No need to build emails from scratch. Stripo offers a fair amount of prepared email templates — just pick the one that fits your requirements, work on it with our numerous embedded tools and send over only delightful newsletters.

2. Drag-n-Drop basic blocks

No coding skills required — you just drag any of the basic blocks in your Amazon SES newsletter template and fill it in with your content. 

List of the basic blocks:

  • image — to upload and edit images;

  • button — to build buttons of any shape, any color. You can even design CSS-animated CTA buttons if you like;

  • menu — navigation menu is crucial for your emails as it takes customers to your site directly to necessary pages;

  • banner — banner is the first email element that your customers see. Make sure to build an eye-catchy complex one with compelling copy over them;

  • text — add this block in your Amazon SES email template, apply merge tags, bulleted list, etc. Wrap this copy in regular or custom fonts;

  • spacer — to visually separate email content modules from each other and to make your free Amazon SES newsletter templates more structured;

  • video — to insert videos in your emails. We also allow setting custom thumbnail image;

  • timer — this is to let your customers know how much time left till the end of the Holiday sale or how soon your event/webinar will start;

  • social — to let your customers follow you on social media channels. Synchronize your Stripo account with social media to add necessary icons and links in your emails with 1 click;

  • HTML — this is to let you embed custom elements in your Amazon SES HTML email templates in no time;

  • AMP-carousel — this is to build AMP emails in no time with no coding skills.

3. Smart-elements

Build product cards in no time.

With our smart-elements option, you design and configure your product card modules just once. When starting a new campaign — you just insert new links to products in your Amazon SES HTML email template and our system will retrieve and add proper information in necessary fields.

4. Personal content library

Tired of building similar or the same email samples from campaign to campaign? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. You build them once and use in all future campaigns.

How come you can reuse email elements? Footer, header, menu, contact information, signature normally remain unchanged.

You can save not only elements of your free Amazon SES email templates, but also entire templates.

For instance, HR professionals send similar emails to candidates — in such emails they can edit only job offer and leave the rest as it is.

Monthly reports and investor updates — their design never changes. Then why not save entire template and just update information, like monthly and your KPI results? 

Tools to work on Amazon SES email design

Among the numerous tools that we offer, we’d love to highlight some here:

1. Embedded photo editor

You may now forget about Photoshop. Edit images for your email campaigns directly in Stripo.

To open photo editor, just upload your photo (or pick any from our bank) and click it directly in your Amazon SES email template. Then, in the settings panel, click the “edit” button. That’s all.

2. Tools to build interactive elements

Apply hover effect to buttons, aka CSS-animated buttons, and rollover effect to images to make your Amazon SES email design more engaging and more up-to-date.

To implement this with Stripo, you do not need to possess any HTML coding skills.

3. Ability to upload custom fonts

Copy in emails is crucial no matter how beautiful your imagery is. Using a copy that complements entire email design and copy per se will only make your copy more compelling.

Which is why we now enable you to add custom fonts in your Amazon SES email templates.

4. Drag-n-Drop AMP blocks

There are four ways to build AMP emails with Stripo:

  • coding one from scratch;

  • embedding AMP elements in your Amazon SES newsletter templates due to our open HTML code editor and HTML block;

  • using AMP email templates;

  • adding AMP-carousel block (many more AMP blocks to come).

The last method does not require any coding skills — Stripo adds all necessary scripts and code elements for you.

All you have to do is just upload necessary photos. You can even edit them the way described above, add alt text and links to each slide of your image carousel.

Then you will only have to export your Amazon SES email template as AMP HTML file and import the code into your account with Amazon.

May all your email campaigns be efficient, powerful and engaging. With Stripo and our Amazon SES email templates, you will build such emails in no time.

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