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Design plays an essential role in emails for the Fitness Industry. This is when Stripo's Fitness email newsletter templates can help.

Because they all have:

1. Bright email banners

Banner is one of the email elements that users see first. This is why it should be meaningful and catchy.

When working on your Fitness HTML email template, be sure the banner delivers the main idea of the email.

Fitness HTML Email Template_Banner

Speed up email production with bright banners
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Like in this case, it does show you're launching a new collection.

2. Email videos

Why use videos in fitness emails?

The world is going online now. No wonder, more and more practices are run on Skype or Zoom. But what if some of your clients could not make it to the practice? Provide them with a recording of it — let them practice whenever it is convenient for them.

Some fitness clubs, when opening new locations, show their gyms through videos to encourage new or existing clients to join them at a new club. 

With Stripo, you can either add links to videos on Youtube/Vimeo or even embed videos in your Gym email templates so that users can watch videos directly in emails.

Spice up Fitness emails with videos to make the latter more informative
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3. GIFs in fitness emails

Those, who do not have time to shoot videos, can use GIFs in their Fitness email templates. According to Campaign Monitor, GIFs in emails do increase conversion by 103%.

Fitness Email Templates with GIFs 

Spice up fitness emails with meaningful GIFs
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You upload GIFs to your email marketing templates for fitness just as you do with images.

4. Tables and bullets for easier perception of information 

Visual email elements that organize your emails, like bullets, tables, headings, etc. do make it easier for users to take the information.

 It is very easy to add them to emails. Or amongst our fitness HTML email templates, you can find one that already contains these elements.

Bullets and Tables in Fitness Emails

Make emails visually well organized for users' convenience
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Final thoughts

Among our rich collection of Fitness email templates, you will find the one that suits you best. Slightly customize it to reach out to users with beautiful newsletters.

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