Cyber Monday Email Templates

You need an effective Cyber Monday email template for your new email campaign? Pick any of our ready-to-use templates and indulge customers with elegant sophisticated newsletters.

Well, we want to remind you that Black Friday and Cyber Monday open the holiday season, during which our recipients tend to buy presents for their families and friends at lower prices.

This means that in our Cyber Monday email templates, we need to provide subscribers with generous discounts. But to convince the latter to use these discounts, we need to present them beautifully.

1. Countdown timers in Cyber Monday newsletter templates to urge customers

Why do we start with countdown timers? Because they build a sense of urgency.

Customers see how soon the sale expires and rush to buy from you. 

Easy to build countdown timers with Stripo for your Cyber Monday HTML email templates.

Btw, timers are a big help in pre-sale emails. 

2. Build banners for Cyber Monday newsletter templates to set the holiday spirit

Right, banners are the heart and spirit of all emails.

You can easily build them with Stripo. Upload necessary images, add copy, wrap it in decorative fonts and apply filters.

3. Add timers to urge recipients to buy from you

Seasonal sales never last long. 

You will do customers a favor if you let them know how soon a certain seasonal sale will end or how soon their coupons will expire. 

Build a countdown timer with Stripo, design it and even add an Expired Timer Image Option in your free Cyber Monday newsletter templates. It will let customers know that the sale has ended if they open.

4. Build Interactive and AMP elements for your emails

When it comes to holiday campaigns, design matters a lot.

This is why we need to thoroughly work on your Cyber Monday email design.

Make it bright, festive and engaging.

Implement gamification in your emails with Stripo AMP blocks and image rollover effect.

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