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Choose any of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud email templates that fits your current preferences best. Customize every little detail to make your email comply with the brand design. Export it to your account with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in just two clicks.

Our Most Popular Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a world-known ESP, a product of Salesforce. Its share of the market is 26%.

Of course, this system provides its clients with an embedded editor. Yet, some prefer Stripo email template builder over that tool.

Which is why we integrated and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to enable you to export emails to this ESP easily.

After export, you can edit the HTML code and the copy of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud newsletter templates.

The features and embedded micro-tools make Stripo helpful and convenient:

1. Blocks aka modules

Stripo offers 10 basic blocks. You just pull them into your template, modify according to your needs.

We also implemented the countdown timer block. Pull it in, modify, set the design preferences. Your timer is ready to go!
No need to use any third-party tools.

2. Work automation

We strive to make the email creation process as simple and fast as possible:

a. Saving elements for further use enables you to save simple elements, blocks, modules and even containers to your personal library of blocks.

When designing a new campaign, just pull this element from the library into your Salesforce Marketing Cloud template.

b. Prepared templates

We offer 1050 prepared HTML email templates you can use at any time. Our templates are grouped according to their goals, industries and holidays. Choose any, work on your Salesforce Marketing Cloud email design to match your brand book and export to your favorite ESP.

c. Fully responsive

All the free Salesforce Marketing Cloud newsletter templates are fully responsive. Consequently, you do not need to worry about how your emails look like when opened on mobile devices.

d. Smart-elements

Our Smart-elements allow creating product cards within minutes just by inserting appropriate links into templates. Due to our API you can create up to 64 emails a minute.

3. Interactive elements

Interactive elements double conversion — this is a good reason to add them.

Due to our open HTML code editor, you can insert the embed code into you Salesforce Marketing Cloud HTML template.

Also, we provide our users with the countdown timer block to urge your customers to buy from you and image rollover effect to create more dynamic newsletters.

Also, our open code allows embedding Live social feed in emails. The idea of adding this social feed is: the social feed is synchronized with your social channels’ accounts. This way, you provide subscribers with just updated information (every 15 minutes).

Final thoughts

Using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud email templates, you do not need to be a professional coder to create unique emails, to add interactive elements, and according to numerous tests, we reduce the time you need to create an email by 60%.

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