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Help the entire world find out what is really happening in Ukraine! Help the world unite and stop Putin's Aggression! We've built a number of Stop the War email templates. They are totally compatible with any ESP. Spread truthful information about the situation in Ukraine.

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Every person in the world is shocked by the situation around Ukraine.

Ukraine is suffering, Ukraine is AT WAR now. Russia launched its full-scale, unprovoked invasion of our territory.

The Ukrainian Army is fearlessly fighting against Russia. You must have seen how brave Ukrainian soldiers are. 

Hundreds of thousands of civil people now join the Army, per their own will.

Civilians supply the army with everything they can, like provision, clothing, water.

All Ukrainians are now fighting against Russian aggression!

The Ukrainian people are the only ones standing between Putin's aggression and the whole democratic world. Each and every one of you can help, otherwise, we can be the NEXT to experience Russia’s cruelty and aggression!

There are many ways to help Ukraine at the moment:

  • come out to protest Putin’s aggression in your city and show Russia your position;
  • support the Ukrainian Army — donate as much as you can. Every cent matters;
  • spread truthful information about the situation in Ukraine;
  • help women and children at the Ukrainian border — give shelter and provision to them.

Let us do everything we can to stop Russia! Otherwise, WE CAN BE NEXT.

Help the brave people of Ukraine! 
#stoprussia #stoprussianaggresion

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