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Labor Day Email Templates

Take a look at our Labor Day Email Templates. Choose the best one, customize it and congratulate your colleagues on this holiday with beautiful creative newsletters.

Labor Day is said to be an international holiday. And people all over tend to spend it outdoors, on BBQ along with their friends.

How many times have you seen a good interesting Labor Day newsletters? How many times have you seen Labor Day Newsletter Templates at all?

That is the point. While most marketers skip an opportunity to earn some more money, you may be one of those who take their chance.

First of all, you should pay the closest attention to the Labor Day email design.

It definitely should be bright, and differ from other holidays email design.

I have not seen a Labor Day email template with hammers, trucks or other tools factory users need. You may use an image of such tools as a banner for your emails.

And if you have a generous value proposition for your customers, place it over the banner. Write the very proposition in festive fonts. Make the email colorful.

Do not overload your free Labor Day newsletter templates with many of images or GIFs — one image is more than better.

But if you run a sales campaign, you may want to embed a countdown timer into Labor Day HTML email template.

One more great idea regarding the design is displaying the products’ cards via image carousels.

As wants to facilitate its users’ lives, we have invented smart-blocks for easier creation of products’ cards.

For more information on how to use and set up these blocks, read our article.

But speaking shortly, it is supposed to save you lots of precious time. As only once you need to build and set this block. Then, any time you are creating promo emails, all you need to do is to simply insert the link that leads to a product page on your website, and all the rest data, like price, name and description, is added automatically by the system.

And the best thing about it is that you may store these samples in your personal library of blocks and use them at any time you need.

Using Stripo pre-designed templates, you can create a perfect Labor Day email newsletter within 10 minutes.

Save your time, and indulge customers with only delicious emails!

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