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Searching for a sophisticated SendinBlue email template? Pick any from our rich compilation, edit it according to your brand style. Export to SendinBlue for sending these elegant emails over to valued customers.

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SendinBlue is a great ESP with a good email builder. Yet, even here, Stripo will be useful if you want to build more unique emails and save time on email production.

1. Personal content storage

Spend significantly less time on crafting emails due to our content library! Save and store the most frequently used email samples there — and just drag them in SendinBlue email templates when creating a new campaign!

2. Smart-elements

Tired of entering prices, descriptions, etc. every time when building product cards for your SendinBlue newsletter templates? Build product cards in under 10 minutes just by pasting links in respective fields — and our system will update this data by retrieving actual information from your website!

3. Social media synchronization

Social media is a critical channel of digital marketing today and we add links to our socials in all emails.

Stripo allows you to synchronize your social media accounts and emails. You just need to synchronize them in your Stripo account with one click. 

When building a new campaign,  you just add the Socials block in your SendinBlue HTML email templates — and our system will add the right number of icons with proper links to your social media accounts. 

4. Set of embedded tools for working with images

Design matters! 

With Stripo and a number of its embedded tools, you can:

  • craft creative banners of any kind (with additional images, compelling copy wrapped in decorative fonts;

  • edit images right with Stripo;

  • upload custom fonts to make your SendinBlue email design even more unique.

5. Interactive content

No doubt you want to keep up with the times and enliven your SendinBlue newsletter templates with interactive content, like CSS-animated buttons and image rollover effect. Stripo enables you to do it with no coding skills! You can build other interactive elements with third-party tools and then embed them in your emails with Stripo due to open HTML code edito. 

6. Countdown timers

Last but not least: build countdown timers for your free SendinBlue newsletter templates right with Stripo. Just drag and drop the basic timer block in your template, set time and design your timer. And your email is ready to go!

Final words

SendinBlue email templates can be exported to the featured ESP in two clicks — and remain editable after export!

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