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Looking for a proper iContact email template? Here you’ll find the one that meets your current goal best. Make necessary changes to it prior to sending over to recipients.

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Why would you need iContact email templates and why would you need Stripo email editor? For its:

1. Ability to set custom thumbnail images for iContact email templates

We all know that videos in emails increase CTR by 65%. Videos explain how to use your tools, videos show your products in their best. 

When you insert a video in emails, all builders would normally show the default thumbnail image.

Stripo enables you to set custom one for your iContact newsletter templates to be sure that your videos grab recipients’ attention.

2. Embedded photo editor to build beautiful iContact newsletter templates

Save time on email production with our embedded photo editor — it allows working on images directly in the email template builder.

Apply fonts to images, add copy over them, overlay additional images to make your iContact email design even more compelling and more unique.

3. Ability to add custom fonts to iContact email templates

One more easy way to make your design unique or to stay brand consistent — is wrapping email copy in custom fonts.

Just upload a necessary font and apply it to all copy in your free iContact newsletter templates

4. Ability to build interactive elements in iContact newsletter templates with no coding skills

Interactive elements double conversion. Wanna add them to your emails but have no experience in coding? Stripo is there for you!

Apply rollover effect to images or hover effect to buttons, aka CSS-animated buttons, in your iContact HTML email template with no coding skills at all.

For more information on how to do it, please refer to our blog post on Interactive emails

5. Ability to set parameters for the mobile view of iContact email templates

Using responsive templates is not enough to be sure that your emails render well on mobile devices. 

You should set individual parameters for the mobile view. Such as font size, for instance. 14px for text could be comfortable enough for desktop devices, but never for mobiles. For the latter, you can set 16px.

Full-width buttons on mobiles are easier to notice and are easier to click. 

All the aforementioned options are crucial and easy to implement in your free iContact newsletter templates.

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