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Browse our St. Patrick’s Day collection of email templates to find the one that meets your current interests best. Customize it to fit your brand design style in just a few steps, start your campaign, and reach out to subscribers with beautiful St. Patrick's Day-themed emails.

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People all over the world like St. Patrick's Day, no matter whether they are Irish or not.

This is why we should reach out to our customers before this lucky day, congratulate them in advance, and let them know we can make St. Patricks day special. But how do you build a St. Patrick's Day email? We've got your back!

Stripo offers a wide range of St. Patrick’s Day email templates. Not only are these templates built precisely for this day, but also using them will significantly speed up email production for you. You can use any of them for your future St. Patrick's Day campaign.

If you want to build a template from scratch, we recommend you pay close attention to the visuals and design it accordingly to deliver a proper holiday spirit.

Design ideas for the St. Patrick's Day emails

1. Add shamrocks and a Leprechaun's hat

As long as this is a holiday, St. Patrick’s Day email template design is supposed to be festive and visually related to the patron saint. The best solutions are a green background, a lucky clover, and Leprechauns' hats.

Feel free to use them everywhere, including footers, headers, backgrounds, and banners of your St. Patrick's Day emails. You can also emphasize feeling lucky according to your special promotion.

St. Patrick's Day Email Design Ideas

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2. Sell green during your St. Patrick’s Day campaign

Email design for this holiday is not limited to shamrocks only. Use green colors wherever possible if your brand style does not allow you to use St. Patrick's Day decorations. Especially for buttons and product cards.

You can also try the St. Patrick's Day theme on social media. Take this great opportunity to demonstrate and sell only green products during St. Patrick's Day campaign.

Classy Design for St. Patrick's Day Emails

Build your email campaigns faster with our free St. Patrick's Day newsletter templates
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3. Share photos of people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is strongly associated with fun. This email design idea works best for companies from the HoReCa industry.

This St. Patrick's Day template shows people drinking beer and having a great time with friends. You may also think of other creative ways to spread the festive mood with your holiday emails.

HTML Email Templates for St. Patrick's Day

Stripo offers a wide range of prebuilt St. Patrick's Day email templates
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4. Use interactivity in your St. Patrick’s Day-themed email

One more way to grab customers’ attention is to add interactive elements. Embed those into your St. Patrick’s Day-themed email. These can be image carousels or video greetings.

The best idea here would be embedding a short game to entertain the customers and let them try their luck. Ensure your customers will be excited to get another email template from you next time.

Our "Gamification in email marketing" blog post shows how to build a game for your Saint Patrick's Day email templates. Or you can use some of the prebuilt templates that already contain elements of games.

For instance, with this template, you can ask users to draw a card (a Leprechaun, a Leprechaun's hat, or anything else) for you and win a prize. 

Gamification in St Patrick's Day Email Campaigns

Utilize gamification in your St. Patrick's Day emails
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If you use this template, you will not have to cope with HTML email. You will only need to replace existing content with yours. And no code. That's it. 

5. Benefit from AMP elements

If you want to do an excellent job with a St. Patrick's Day sale, using AMP elements is essential while creating another email template.

Such features allow you to use real-time content with dynamic updates, add hyper-personalization to increase the loyalty of your customers, and embed feedback forms and booking opportunities. With Stripo, you can add all of the above using our drag-and-drop editor.

Here is a great example of how you can sell your green products with our St. Patrick's Day email template.

A Game to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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6. Use Gmail promotion annotations

Gmail promotion annotations are as important for eCommerce as nice St. Patrick's Day subject lines. To avoid situations when people receive another mystery email, you should immediately provide your subscribers with as many details as possible.

Using Stripo, you can add an annotation for Gmail on the platform, so you don't forget about it before sending your St. Patrick's Day email.

7. Utilize animated GIFs in a St. Patrick’s Day email campaign

To make your St. Patrick's Day emails more interactive, you should attach GIFs. There are plenty of themed ideas in Irish folklore: a four-leaf clover, green heart, and top hats.

If it suits your brand's style, you may also use Irish whiskey or green beer.

In this example of Patty's Day email, there's a nice picture of a Leprechaun in a lucky pot with shamrocks.

8. Add festive banners to St. Patrick's Day emails

Take this great opportunity and wish your subscribers Happy St. Patrick's Day. You can help people feel lucky and start a flash sale. Or you may emphasize Green Friday and offer some of the themed products.

Stripo lets you create bright and colorful banners that immediately draw your customers' attention.

This is a great example of a Saint Patrick's Day email. Four-leaf clovers and serene greens bring a festive atmosphere and make subscribers feel appreciated.

A Campaign for Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Why use our templates for your St. Patrick's Day email marketing campaign?

When it comes to creating a St. Patrick's Day email marketing campaign, Stripo will come in handy. Apart from the features we mentioned, there are a few other bonuses. Let's have a closer look.

1. A variety of prebuilt St. Patrick’s Day email templates to meet the needs of any business

To speed up the production of your St. Patrick's Day email campaign, you can use any of Stripo's ready-to-use templates. Of course, you can adapt any template according to your brand style and email marketing strategy.

Prebuilt Email Template for Your Next Campaign

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With the help of our design team, your Saint Patrick's Day emails will look perfect, and you won't spend much time on them.

2. Responsive St. Patrick’s Day email design to reach a wider audience

Stripo provides fully responsive email templates. They render correctly on all mobile and desktop devices and most email clients.

Responsive St. Patrick's Day Email Templates

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Also, you can adapt all of the elements of your Happy St. Patrick's Day emails. Choose which picture, element, or whole structure you want to hide on mobile devices and which ones to show.

In addition, the font size, button width, and other styles can be set differently for mobile and desktop devices.

3. Reusable content modules

Stripo offers a modular system to help you create St. Patrick's Day templates. For instance, you can design all the elements you need (header, footer, product cards, etc.), save to your library, and reuse them multiple times in any email marketing campaign.

Stripo's Reusable Modules

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You can also choose various modules from our pre-made templates for Patty's Day, available in the Modules library.

The cherry on top is that Stripo has synchronized modules, too. This feature lets you update all your templates in one click. You only need to edit one email example and apply this change to other templates. It sounds like a lucky day for the St. Patrick's Day marketing team!

4. Export to 75+ ESPs

All the St. Patrick's Day templates (as well as any other) can be quickly exported to most email service providers, such as Gmail or Outlook. And there's no need for further setup.

Export Your Emails to 75+ ESPs

In addition, you may edit the St. Patrick's Day templates even after export. The changes can be done with HTML codes, texts, and visual elements. It means that your emails will be completely adaptive and convenient for your subscribers to perceive.

5. Collaboration tools to work on St. Patrick’s Day emails with your team

When a team creates its own St. Patrick's Day email campaign, it's often necessary to ask for each other's advice or give someone a hand with some tasks.

At Stripo, you may give respective levels of access to the team members and ensure that they can edit only their specific part of the template. Therefore, designers can only work with visuals, copywriters can edit text, clients can leave comments, etc.

And you can send test emails within your team to check if everything in your Saint Patrick's Day emails looks and works properly.

Wrapping up

At Stripo, we greatly care about giving you the best premium and free email templates. That's why we highly recommend you learn more about the tools we have to reach out to your customers in the fastest and most convenient way.

Customize one of our prebuilt email templates, craft an appealing St. Patrick's Day email subject line, and ensure your subscribers feel lucky to be your clients.

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