St. Patrick’s Day Email Templates

Choose any of our St Patrick’s Email Templates. In just a few steps, modify one the way it fits your brand design well, and congratulate subscribers on this holiday with sophisticated emails.

People all over the world like this holiday, no matter whether they are Irish or not.

Design ideas for the St Patrick's email newsletters

This is why we all should reach out to our customers prior to this holiday and remind about ourselves. But be well-prepared. Start with the design. Thus, St Patrick’s Day email templates will be of great use.

Classic shamrocks along with classic green

As long as this is a holiday, St Patrick’s Day email design requires to be festive. You have seen hundreds of examples on the web, and they are all filled with shamrocks and are painted in green.

No wonder, because green is the symbol of this day.

But email design is not all about shamrocks. With Stripo, you can create elegant banners: into your St Patrick's Day email template, insert an image of the product you like, and then write a wish over it, wrap the text font in green to make it fit the holiday.

Suitable backrounds

Also, you can set a green background for the entire email. In this case, there is no need to add traditional shamrocks, leprechauns, etc.

Interactive emails to leave competitors behind

One more way to grab customers’ attention is adding interactive elements. Embed those into your St Patrick’s Day HTML email templates. These can be image carousels, video greetings. But the best idea here would be embedding a short game to entertain the customers. Why add interactive elements in your St Patrick's HTML email template? Because interactivity in emails generates double conversions, and it builds anticipation. Be sure that next time your customers will be excited to get newsletters from you.

If you don't know how to embed such elements into St Patrick's email templates, use our prepared Interactive email templates which can be easily designed to fit the holiday mood. Sounds like a good solution to enliven St Patrick’s Day newsletter templates.

As you can see, there are many ways to enliven your email design when reaching out your clients on this day.

Use our free St Patrick’s Day newsletter templates to entertain your customers and make their lives a little bit funnier.

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