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Earth Day Email Templates

Wanna show your customers how much you care about our Planet? Easy to do this with our fully responsive Earth Day email templates. Browse them to find the right one for you. 

If you care about our planet and run numerous campaigns related to the Green Movement, you might want to share this with your subscribers. Why? First, they might want to join you. Second, to show your social awareness. Third, to improve subscribers' knowledge of a given topic.

And this is when you could use our free email templates for Earth Day.

Why Stripo templates? 

1. Responsive email design

Our Earth Day newsletter templates are fully responsive, prepared by professional designers and coders. If you like, you can set custom mobile styles for your emails on your own.

Earth Day Email Template_Setting Custom Mobile Styles

Set custom mobile styles for your Earth Day HTML Email templates

2. Bright email banners

With Earth Day emails, you need to appeal to subscribers' emotions, and big bright banners are a good way to do that.

Every Earth Day HTML email template that we offer on this page already contains one. So, you will just need to fill out your contact and brand information where it is necessary, and your email is ready!

Earth Day email templates with Big Bright Banners

Use this Eart Day email template for your campaigns

3. Dedicated email backgrounds

When it comes to email design, there is no such thing as an important element.

This is why we recommend that you use bright, colorful backgrounds that complement your email idea.

The HTML email template for Earth Day email campaigns given below already contains a bright background that goes across the entire email.

Backgrounds for Earth Day Email Templates_Stripo

Every little detail of this template is meant to show your attitude to Mother Earth to your subscribers

Please be advised that backgrounds render on desktop devices. 

Final thoughts

To build an effective holiday email campaign with little effort, use our best Earth Day email templates. 

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