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Browse our collection of free Act-On newsletter templates to pick the one that you like best. Customize it according to your brand style and export to Act-On with one click.

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Building templates for your email marketing campaigns has never been easier. 

Why? Because Stripo is there to help you out with its:

1. Collection of ready-to-use Act-On email templates

That’s right. Stripo offers a rich collection of Act-On email templates.

No need to build emails from scratch. Just pick the right template, customize it according to your brand book. And send over to your subscribers.

2. Set of tools to work on Act-On email design

In Stripo, you will find a set of embedded tools that will enable you to work on email design directly in our editor:

3. Ability to add a custom number of columns in Act-On email templates

It is you who sets the number of columns in a row for your Act-On newsletter templates — from 1 to 8. 

4. Ability to upload a custom thumbnail image to videos

Videos grab readers’ attention. Videos increase CTR by 65%.

Thus, sometimes it is vital to be able to upload custom images to your emails. With Stripo, you can easily add one to your Act-On email template.

5. The Version history option for your email templates

When you are not the only one has access to emails, it is critical to be able to see who of your colleagues and when made changes to an Act-On HTML email template. And of course, it is crucial to be able to restore any previous version of your email. 

You can do it with the Stripo Version History.

6. Storage of content modules for your email campaigns

There’s no need to start building an Act-On email template from scratch every time you are going to run a new campaign.

Build modules like headers, footers, product cards, etc. — the elements that do not alter from campaign to campaign — and save them to your personal content library that Stripo offers.

When starting a new email campaign, just pull them into your template — this option significantly reduces time on email production.

7. Embedded testing tool for Act-On email templates

Remember to preview your emails before you send them over to valued recipients.

Our embedded testing tool allows previewing your emails across 90 environments to make sure that you provide your TA with high-quality content only.

Pick any template from our collection, edit it according to your needs and implement your bravest ideas with Stripo.

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