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Event Reminder Email Templates

Looking for a well-structured event reminder email with all necessary data? Browse our collection. Find one that you like the most. Customize it down and reach out to your potential attendees.

Our Most Popular Event Reminder Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

When talking about event reminder templates, we’d like to mention that all events can be conditionally divided into two groups:

  • online;

  • offline.

However, their content and design remain similar. 

Event Reminder Email Design

We started with the design because the design is totally responsible for whether your useful data will be noticeable or not. 

  • Countdown Timer

Timers show attendees how soon your event will start. ‘Tis a very important thing to add to your event reminder newsletter templates. 

You choose how big and how bright your timers will be — Stripo enables you to apply any web-safe font, any font size, and any font color.

  • Different Ways to Present Agenda

Agenda can be presented in bullets to make it look more structured — you can build them with Stripo.

Also, you can put the agenda in the AMP accordion. In the section name, you enter the name of a report or a panelist if there are any.

Once recipients click on it, they will see the details of the report in the collapsible section of your accordion.

And in AMP carousel — make customers swipe over to see all the slides in your carousel.

Interactivity improves engagement.

Content of Event Reminder Emails

Content also remains similar for both online and offline events.

  • Agenda

No matter the type of event, you need to share the agenda of your conference — attendees need to know how much time it will take them and what exactly they will learn.

  • Panelists

Most attendees prefer visiting certain lecturers. As a personal brand now means more than the name of the company a person works for. 

  • Map

Please, be sure that your event reminder HTML email template contains: physical address in the email footer, an image of the building where the event will take place, the map with this building marked on it, and a link to Google map.

This is relevant for offline events only. 

  • Traditions and Places to Go

Again, for local events only.

If people come to your town/country in order to attend your concert or conference, be sure to help them feel comfortable there. Local customs, traditions will help people have a good time in your place and avoid some troubles.

Proper Number of Event Reminder Emails

One is never enough. These emails should go in series. 

For this purpose, we’ve built a collection of free Event Reminder newsletter templates.

Pick the necessary ones for reaching out to your target audience.

Final Words

Event reminder emails are critical for all those who host offline and online events.

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