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Among numerous Mailgun email templates, you’ll find the one that fits your current needs best. Insert your logo, add value offer and build a delightful marketing campaign.

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Recently Stripo has integrated with Mailgun. This means that from now on marketers can build emails with Stripo and send over to recipients through the featured ESP.

Why use our emails for Mailgun:

1. Wide variety of ready-to-use Mailgun HTML email templates

We offer over 100 free Mailgun newsletter templates for different occasions. They are grouped in categories by types, seasons, features, and industries.

Choose the one that fits your currents needs best, customize every little detail in it to stay brand consistent across all emails.

2. Easy to edit Mailgun email templates

It is very easy to edit and work on your Mailgun email design with our WYSIWYG and drag-n-drop editor.

You can craft sophisticated banners right in our tool with no third-party services due to our embedded photo editors.

Upload banner image, add CTA copy over it. Wrap this copy in any of 40+ decorative fonts. 

3. 11 drag-n-drop blocks for beautiful Mailgun HTML email templates

With our 11 drag-n-drop blocks, you do not have to code your emails. You just drag the necessary block in your Mailgun email template, fill it in with your content. And your email is ready-to-go.

If you want to urge your customers or let them know how soon your value offer expires, you can add and design countdown timer right in Stripo just by using respective block.

4. Personal content library to store your Mailgun newsletter templates

With Stripo, you can build email by 60% faster. One of the reasons is our built-in personal content library. Here, you can store entire emails and their samples for further use.

When building a new campaign, you just drag the most commonly used elements from the storage without the necessity to build them all over again.

This significantly saves time on email production.

5. Easy to stick to Mailgun email design trends

Interactivity in emails is one of the hottest design trends in 2019.

There are two ways to make your Mailgun HTML email templates interactive with Stripo:

  • with no coding skills just by activating image rollover effect to product cards and activating Hover effect, aka CSS-animation, to CTA buttons; 
  • pasting the embed code you that build with third-party tools in our basic HTML block.

6. AMP for Mailgun email templates

AMP technology is the last word in the world of email marketing.

It is critical to implement it now as it makes your emails much more functional.

Though, building AMP emails is considered time-consuming. And it is true if you have to build them from scratch, coding. 

But we offer a bunch of ready-to-use AMP templates and AMP carousel block.

You just drag this block in your Mailgun newsletter template, replace existing images with yours, add your URLs and your email is ready to rock!

We hope that our Mailgun email templates will be of great use for you. Get inspired by our examples and implement your bravest ideas to indulge recipients with unique yet orderly-structured newsletters.

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