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Transportation seems to be a very serious industry. And all Transportation email templates are meant to be serious, as well. Who said that?

Only those who have not seen newsletters by Porsche or any other transportation titan may take this stereotype for granted.

Even in this industry, you can use all your rich imagination and make bright, colorful cheerful Transportation email design. Just look at our examples. We got inspired by the very titans’ emails when creating our Transportation newsletter templates.

Stripo is the best solution when you need to create a bright unique banner:

  • it saves you time as you do not need to leave the tool. You can modify an image right in our embedded photo editor and check if it fits the template itself;
  • as we all know, there are only 10-15 web-safe fonts, but they are kinda boring. Stripo enables you to write texts over your banners and apply festive fonts. It is great, as only this way your decorative fonts will be “read” as images, thus they will be properly displayed on any kind of devices;
  • if you want to represent your car/plane/ship by means of a GIF or an image carousel, you are welcome to insert these elements into your Transportation HTML email template.

Definitely, event-triggered emails for this industry will be sort of dry and official. But footer and header always remain the same.

And here Stripo wants to save you some: you may these blocks just once, save them both to your personal content library and use these samples at any time you need.

All free transportation newsletter templates designed by Stripo are fully responsive.

When using our templates, you do not need to be worried about the way they are going to be displayed on any kind of gadgets and desktop devices.

With us, you are welcome to implement your brave ideas to create delicious newsletters.

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