You can easily create a very unique and the most romantic marketing campaign in 10 minutes by customizing our St Valentine's Day email templates and implementing your bravest ideas.

What makes Stripo templates so useful?

1. Open HTML code

Stripo is not just a typical block editor, we also provide our clients with open code. This means that you can insert most kinds of interactive elements into our St Valentine's Day. Thus, your recipients may be entertained by image carousels, embedded romantic video greeting cards, etc.

2. Banners

If you are not ready to insert any of the elements mentioned above then you may enliven your St Valentine's Day email design by adding bright banners. For instance, place a beautiful poem, wrapped in festive fonts, right over banner.

In order to do so, you will not need leave the editor. Just drag-and-drop Banner block into our free St Valentine's Day newsletter templates.

3. Best examples

Not only got we inspired by the best examples on the web, but also implemented our own ideas, and even made some little research on this topic.

4. Library of blocks

Our email template builder allows to slice your emails into content blocks. You may save them all or just some samples. At any time, you will have access to the library.

By using our St Valentine's newsletter templates, you will indulge your most demanding customers, stand out among other companies, and will save lots of time due to our work automation features.