AMP Email Templates

Explore our AMP email templates to find just the right look for you. Customize them down to the smallest detail and get started on your campaign!

Not only is AMP 4 Emails the last word in email marketing, but also the new era of eCommerce emails.

Now that AMP has finally gone live, recipients, right in emails, can add items to cart, select and buy tickets, see your product items from different angles and even select a convenient time and confirm meetings.

By using our free AMP email templates, you will make your campaigns more effective, more functional, more compact and many other “mores”.

In this article on our blog, we enumerated requirements for AMP email template, and deep knowledge in HTML coding is on the list, too.

But what should you do if you are not an experienced coder? It’s rather expensive to hire one.

By using our email template with AMP support, that we’ve prepared for you, will significantly reduce email production time.

So, for your convenience, we’ve prepared two Gmail AMP templates:

Image carousel

It allows showcasing a few product items with the description in one screen or a few photos of the same product from different angles.

How can you edit image carousel in this AMP email template? — First of all, you will need to replace our images with yours, easy to do by sticking to recommendations from this guide. Then you will need to insert hyperlinks that will take recipients to respective pages on your site. And then you will only need to edit header and footer and replace the logo that we used in this template with yours. Or — this way is even easier — you just save the image carousel module to your personal content library and drop it in the email template you’ve already prepared for your future campaign.

Currently, AMP works on desktop devices only.

AMP email template with accordion

It helps to deliver information, visually divided into categories for better and easier perception. Users on their own choose what piece of information to read first. How does it work? It looks like a real accordion — all info is grouped in blocks. By clicking on any of them, they get to see more details on this bullet point.

Same as with image carousel, you may customize this template in accordance with the goals of your current campaign. But in this particular case, you will have to cope with texts. Was developed for desktop devices only.

Either by storing these modules in your personal content library or by using our new AMP blocks available right in the Stripo drag-n-drop editor, you will build AMP email templates for Gmail in literally no time. And what is more important — with no coding skills!

We wish you the best of luck!

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