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Searching for eye-catchy Halloween Email Templates? Choose any of ours, customize it down, and surprise your customers with "spooky" Halloween campaign.

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When it comes to the spookiest holiday and you are crafting a new campaign, pay close attention to Halloween email design. Start with picking the right email template.

Stripo provides a number of them.

Then you need to customize it down.

All Halloween email templates that we offer are built in accordance with the best trends and traditions of this holiday.

1. Festive banners

Banners are the essence of all Halloween newsletter templates. If they are catchy enough, the chances that recipients will scroll down are high enough.

When we are speaking about Halloween, it is not necessary to add photos of products to banners. It can be anything: an image of a witch flying on her groom, pumpkins, mysterious cats, thunder over woods, etc. 

On top of this banner image, you are welcome to put the details of your sales.

Wrap that in any decorative font.

2. Backgrounds

A bright banner is enough to convince customers to scroll down. But a decorative “spooky” background will add some holiday spirit to an entire email campaign.

Remember that Stripo allows adding backgrounds to individual containers, structures, and to entire free Halloween newsletter templates.

3. Gamification

Gamification is something people are looking for during the holidays.

You can apply a rollover effect to product snippets in Halloween HTML email templates.

You can, say, hide discounts behind pumpkins. Or else, you can hide GIFs of ghosts behind some product snippets.

It could be funny. Maybe it will not improve your CTR, but will definitely have a positive impact on your brand virality. Customers will share engaging emails with their friends.

4. AMP elements

AMP is the new word in email marketing. With AMP you may build image carousels, run quizzes, ask users to solve crosswords in emails. If you managed to surprise your customers with a "spooky" design last year, why not try sth totally different this year? Run a quiz, for instance. Or ask your users "scary" questions. Tell them only winners get to use the promo code... 

Read on

5. Countdown timers

Add countdown timers in your Halloween email templates to let customers know how soon the sale expires.

Yet, with Stripo, you can also add an “Expired timer image”.

It can be anything.

McDonald’s used a hand of the skeleton which held a sign in his hand; the sign said, “Poof! Trick. Treat. Win! Is Gone”.

This was really unusual, and, no wonder, it was widely discussed on email geeks forums.

Word of advice

Halloween is a holiday when you are welcome to use all your rich imagination and implement your weirdest ideas. And Halloween email design matters a lot. 

Prior to sending your Halloween emails over to recipients, be sure to test your emails with our embedded email testing tool.

Please refer to our blog post for more ideas.

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