Halloween Email Templates

Searching for fresh ideas on Halloween Email Templates? Choose any of ours, customize it down, and surprise your customers with scaring Halloween emails.

Halloween is a very untypical holiday. That is why we want to talk about the Halloween email design first. Emails we send out should be somewhat spooky and creepy.

You may use an image of ghosts, “kind” witches or just funny pumpkins as a banner. To make the emails more frightening, you are welcome to filter them. I would recommend applying grey colors.

Write a wish or a spooky invitation to a party over the banner. Wrap it in scary, I mean festive, font. Stripo offers over 50 of them. And the great news is that any text written over banner will be displayed correctly on any kind of devices, as it is recognized as just an element of the image by all email clients. The best way to avoid using boring web-safe fonts.

If you think that your subscribers are brave enough, you may even insert a GIF into your Halloween newsletter templates. I have never seen a Halloween email with animated images. I bet that would be nice.

One more great way to entertain your recipients is embedding games into Halloween HTML email templates. For example, help a witch brew a potion by picking proper ingredients.

Get inspired by our examples. Examine our free Halloween newsletter templates. If needed, modify them the way you like and implement your own ideas.

Satisfy the customers with unusual, funny Halloween emails!

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