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If you are selling any product or service, you have definitely had a time in your experience when you needed to offer some discounts for customers. Well-designed campaigns attract new clients, increase the loyalty of existing ones and grow business profits. Lots of brands provide discounts because it can help them to sell off-season stuff, raise profits, and improve customer satisfaction at the same time. For sure, everyone loves discounts, but sometimes it does not work your way. We are here to help you with plenty of discount newsletter templates which will draw attention even of uninterested ones.

Stripo’s features to use in Discount email templates

Here are a few useful features which will help you to make your discount email template perfect:

1. Build the “Follow us on Social Media” email module in 1 click

Thinking forward, this is actually one of the best things you should implement on a discount HTML email template. Why? First, to expand the community and increase the loyalty of your audience. It will be useful for your future sales, as people will be following you and buy something sooner or later. By the way, if your emails are good enough, people will more likely subscribe to your social media. That’s why we, at Stripo, created this option. All you have to do is to design these buttons once and add the necessary links — after that simply drag the “Social” content block into the template and that’s it!

Social media links

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2. Edit your Photo Content

Emails almost always need pictures, but sometimes they are not ready to be shown. It may need to be resized or you might want to add filters, stickers and so on. And you wouldn’t like to use several other tools to do all this with later uploading to an email. Therefore, we decided to add an opportunity for you to edit it. 

It’s easy to find — just click a button with a wand on it and do whatever is needed to make your image better. Don’t forget to click “Save” when you’re done!

3. Generate Email Annotations (works with Gmail)

A customer needs only a few-second glance to decide whether they will be opening your email or not. Proper annotations seem to be crucial in such situations.

Gmail Annotation Builder Inbox _ Stripo

Our generator allows you to put all the essential information right in the preview area to catch your customer’s eye immediately. You can mention the amount of the discount, the duration of sale and even the promocode there, so it will be seen before opening the email. However, it works on mobile devices only.

How to Use Gmail Promotion Annotations Builder

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4. Undo and Redo Buttons 

Sometimes you apply a thing you don’t like at the end of the day. And sometimes you think that it actually was much better than what you did later. People tend to be indecisive and change their thoughts and ideas every now and then. We are in the same boat, so one of the first features we created was this one. With its help you are allowed to cancel your previous action or get it back anytime.

5. Rollover effect

When you sell something, you need to show all its advantages and make sure it’s not too much at the same time. You want to show different sides of the product, show all the important details in discount responsive email templates and prevent your inbox from clarifying questions. And the rollover effect is perfect for such needs. 

Gamification in Email Marketing _ Rollover Effect

This is how it works: upload your first image, click the “Rollover effect button”, then upload all the other files. You need to check if all of the images are of the same size to avoid their distortion. Voila, that’s it!

Spice up your discount HTML email templates with the image rollover effect that you design in literally no time with Stripo
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Wrapping up

Every brand offers discounts now and then, you’re not going to be an exception. But you can easily create exceptional emails that are attractive, draw customers’ attention and remain memorable.

We provide dozens of discount HTML email templates for different tastes, most of which you may use for free and customize according to your style. You can even get some ideas for your sales from our templates, there are plenty of them! And we know from the experience of our users that the number of your happy customers will only increase.

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