Thank you email templates

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Thank you email templates

Want to let your customers know how grateful you are for their visit, for having been with you for quite a long time, for their honest feedback? There are so many reasons to thank our customers, but so few ways to do it.

We have designed some dedicated thank you email templates for your convenience. Take a look at our best examples and choose the one you like.

Thank you email design

These email templates are meant to show sincere appreciation to your loyal customers. Thus, the best idea is to focus on words, the text itself, but not on the design. Make the Thank You email design simple, without superfluous buttons. And heaven forbid you to place any value proposition in this kind thank you newsletters.

Tips on how create a perfect thank you email

In order to create a perfect thank you HTML template without typical mistakes many marketers do, when running this type of campaign, read our article on how to make your thank you email performing, meaningful and really touching.

Lacking ideas on what to say this kind of event-triggered emails? You are welcome to mention how many years you have been together, how many things/cases you have been through. And for a deeper connection with the clients, do not forget to personalize the messages. Call him or her by name, add a personal handwritten (then digitalized) personal signature. If you really trust your customer, why not add your personal cell phone number.

Note: this works only for legal services and financial consulting industries.

Also, you can embed interactive elements into our Thank You HTML email templates. This will make your newsletters unique. Besides, interactive elements have been one of the hottest email design trends lately.

Work automation

Due to the personal library of blocks, you can easily slice your newsletter sample template into blocks, and easily use them over and over in your further email campaigns.

Are Stripo thank you email templates responsive?

Our free Thank You newsletter templates are fully responsive. This means they will be correctly displayed on all kinds of devices, and in most email clients.

How do we achieve it? All the blocks are moved automatically when displayed on mobile devices. The buttons and descriptions are placed right under the respective images/blocks. Yet, due to our open HTML code, you may configure what images will be shown on mobile devices, and which ones will show up only when then thank you email is opened on computers and laptops.

Ways to export to an EPS or email client

Before exporting email templates to ESPs or email services, you need to preview it to see what your email will look like when customers or clients receive it.

Any thank you email template created by Stripo can be exported to any famous ESP or world-famous email clients with just 2 clicks.

Our templates are ESP-friendly. This means you can still edit them after export. We have simplified the editing process for you — not only template’s HTML code can be edited after export, but the visuals and text also.

The list of the ESP and email clients for seamless export:

Stripo Thank You newsletter templates are responsive, easily exported and edited, designed with love.

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