Tourism Email Templates

The best way to encourage subscribers to travel with your agency is providing them with inspiring photos of the places they can visit. Use our Tourism Email Templates to show the real beauty of those places.

Visual elements are the most important ones here. Thus, you should pay close attention to Tourism email design.


Definitely, you need to search the web for good examples of emotional, appealing photos. Then take your own photos of those wonderful places from the proper angles.

Now you are ready to make a banner, as it is the face of any Tourism newsletter template. Insert an image into the banner block, write a brief enchanting text that complements the photos. Wrap it up with Stripo 50+ festive fonts. And finally, in order to complete the perfect design of your Halloween email template banner, use filters for the entire block. You can do it all right our editor, without leaving your personal account.

Note: you may build a GIF of a few photos for better perception of the place you are promoting.


One more idea on how to promote available resorts is taking a short video of them. Did you know that with Stripo editor you can either insert links to the videos stored on Youtube and Vimeo, or embed your own videos right into a tourism HTML email template you have picked? This option is working as we offer an open HTML code.

Use our orderly-structured tourism email templates to convince prospects to buy a tour to a far-far-away land from you. An enchanting design for tourism newsletter templates is really important.

I wish you best of luck and successful promo campaigns!

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