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Among numerous sophisticated SendGrid email templates, choose the one that fits your campaign strategy best. Customize every little detail to make it mirror company design standards. Export just created email template to your account with SendGrid. Send out only sophisticated emails you create in no time.

Our Most Popular SendGrid Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

We all know that SendGrid is just an amazing email service provider.

It’s full of unique features and options.

And its share of 7.1% of entire marketing just proves it.

But even here Stripo can be somewhat helpful.

1. Social networking accounts

When only getting registered with Stripo, we ask you to fill out your contact information, including links to social networking accounts.

You do it just once. Then, every time when starting over a new campaign, you just pull in the “Socials” basic blocks into your SendGrid email template, and the system automatically adds all appropriate links to the right social icons.

No extra moves — just pull the block into the SendGrid HTML email template and enjoy the result.

Find more details on how to do it here.

Also, you can find here the icons to various social media channels that are not that popular.

2. Banners

Banners set the tone for entire campaigns. According to the rule of 3 seconds, readers need this amount of time to make their decision whether to keep reading the email or move it to trash.

Which is why it’s crucial to place the most important piece of information on the first screen.

Certainly, you’ll choose the best images for your campaigns. But compelling copy over it just strengthens the power of images.

Wrap the copy put over banners in any font you like — Stripo offers 42 of them — to make the SendGrid newsletter templates more effective and more emotional.

3. Content library

Personal content library is another level to automation of email creation process.

Save any element, block or entire email template to your personal library for further use.

Once you’ve created and saved any, you will simply need to pull it into a new free SendGrid email template you’re working with when starting a new campaign.

Stripo decreases the time needed for email creation by 60%!

4. Library of prepared templates

Have run out of ideas on how to change your SendGrid email design? Well, search no more!

Get inspired by our 1050 prepared templates. For your convenience, they are divided into types, categories. Some are dedicated to holidays.

Final words

We hope that by using two perfect tools — SendGrid and — you will boost sales.

Remember: you can export emails you created with Stripo to SendGrid in just two clicks. All free email templates are totally editable in this ESP after export.

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