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Integration of Stripo and Marketo, the latter was purchased by Adobe in 2018, allows email marketers to build emails with innovative email builder easily in literally no time, then export these emails to their favorite ESP for better communicative experience with customers with just one click.

What makes Stripo beneficial for Marketo users:

1. Collection of Marketo email templates

We offer a wide variety of ready-to-use Marketo email templates for all occasions, from promo to triggered campaigns of all types.

Pick any template from our compilation — it significantly saves time on email building.

Once it is picked, you will only have to slightly customize this template in accordance with your brand book.

2. Library of content modules to store your Marketo email templates

Stripo boasts this feature as it is brand new and is meant to ease an email marketer’s life.

Here, you can store/keep your custom modules, like headers, footers, contact information, product cards, in other words — the elements that you use quite often across numerous campaigns; modules — which you do not edit often.

Here, we also provide a set of modules designed by our coders for your convenience. Just drag a chosen one into your email — it will immediately inherit the design style of your Marketo newsletter template.

3. Ability to set custom design for Marketo email templates with no coding skills

Email design matters. First of all, the design is fully responsible for brand consistency, partially responsible for brand awareness. And of course, it totally depends on the design if the email is visually appealing and evokes the desire to keep reading and to buy from you.

To make your Marketo email design really appealing, Stripo provides you with:

  • Embedded photo editor to make your Marketo newsletter templates stand out

It enables you to edit images for your emails.

  • Banner generator to enhance your Marketo newsletter templates

It enables you to create sophisticated banners for your promo campaigns. Here, you can apply filters to your images, set orientation, wrap text in any of 40+ decorative fonts.

  • Button block to design various CTAs for Marketo email templates

With Stripo, you can design various CTA buttons: square-shaped, rounded, with shadow, you can even apply the hover effect.

CTA button is the core element of your emails. Make them appealing and beautiful effortlessly.

  • HTML block to add custom elements to Marketo newsletter templates

This block enables you to add custom elements to your emails. No need to code such emails from scratch.

Just drag this block into your Marketo HTML email template, paste the embed code — and your custom email is ready! 

4. 1-click export of Marketo email templates

Once your email is ready, you can easily export it to your ESP. Just click the “Export” button above the template, among numerous ESPs choose “Marketo” — you will need to enter credentials just once — done. 

Final thoughts

We are convinced that among our free Marketo newsletter templates, you will find the right one for you; that our emails will significantly decrease time on email production. 

Feel free to implement your brave ideas. 

May your email campaigns be profitable for you and enjoyable for your customers.

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