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Stripo helps you and your team:

  • craft MailerLite emails 75% faster with our innovative drag-n-drop and HTML builder, designed to streamline your workflow;
  • easily create engaging emails using the MailerLite template editor, enhanced with cutting-edge micro tools for a smooth design process;
  • elevate your campaigns with custom banners, meticulously designed within Stripo, to capture your audience's attention;
  • access over 1500 ready-to-use email templates, making it easier than ever to kickstart your design process;
  • utilize Stripo’s modular design approach to efficiently manage and optimize your email creation process;
  • ensure your emails look perfect across different platforms with eight distinct previews before finalizing your design;
  • seamlessly transfer your beautifully crafted emails from Stripo to MailerLite with just a click.
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Stripo — Alternate email template builder for MailerLite

Maximize your email marketing with Stripo and MailerLite:


Design captivating, responsive email templates without needing to dive into HTML. Leverage our vast array of templates and advanced tools to make email design effortless.


Bring your team together for unlimited projects. Store your master templates and unique modules in our exclusive content library, ensuring every email is a masterpiece.


Get accurate previews across multiple devices. With our specialized preview tools, you check if your emails will always display as intended, regardless of the platform.

Export & deliver

Directly export your masterfully designed emails from Stripo to MailerLite, simplifying the delivery process

Create by using the MailerLite template editor

  • create interactive emails right in our MailerLite email builder;
  • use the smart-blocks option that our MailerLite email editor offers for building product content modules in less than a minute;
  • ensure a cohesive brand image by seamlessly integrating custom fonts into your emails with Stripo. This guarantees that your messages are instantly recognizable and stand out in every inbox;
  • with Stripo's Version History tool, you can effortlessly access and restore any version of your templates designed for MailerLite. This feature ensures that you never lose your work and can easily revert to previous designs if needed;
  • dive into our collection of specific email templates to discover fresh inspirations for your campaigns. These templates are carefully selected to help you enhance your marketing efforts and connect with your audience more effectively.

Work with your team in our MailerLite email template creator

  • teamwork: Engage up to 100 collaborators, fostering a collaborative environment that enhances creativity and productivity;
  • unlimited projects: Dive into endless projects, encouraging innovation and diverse design approaches within your team;
  • role management: Assign clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring efficient workflow and task distribution;
  • module library: Access a project-specific module library, streamlining the design process and making it easier to create consistent emails;
  • version tracking: Keep track of all changes with the built-in version tracker, enabling quick revisions and ensuring that your team is always on the same page.

The 7 ways to preview and validate your emails in the template builder

Prior to pushing emails to your ESP, you definitely should preview them

Email clients check

Use our integration with EoA and check out how your email will work on most devices and in the most popular email clients.

Preview email screen

See your final draft both on desktop and mobile devices. Hit the «Preview» button above the email. Done!

Send test email

To see what your email will look like in your recipients' Inboxes, please send out test emails. Click the «plane» icon above the email, enter your email address. Done — check your Inbox!

Team Collaboration

Wanna be able to leave comments to your colleagues right in email template? (Coming soon)

Shareable link

If you want to get shareable link, click the «Preview button». Then hit the «Copy» button at top of the preview panel. Done!

Export to PDF file

To download your email as PDF to print it out, or attach to your reports, click the «Export button», then select «PDF». Considering your current needs, select the file-type. Done!

Export to HTML file

If you are an agency that provides clients with email HTML code, then you may download email as HTML archive. Done!

Push to MailerLite and send out to subscribers

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