Create sophisticated emails with Stripo and send with Outlook

Stripo helps you and your team create email templates

  • Create high-quality HTML email templates for Outlook fast with our Drag-n-Drop and HTML builder;
  • Build AMP-powered emails with no coding skills right in Stripo due to embedded micro tools and respective content blocks;
  • Synchronize your social networking contact information with your email templates with 1 just click;
  • Enliven email campaigns with sophisticated banners that you build right in Stripo;
  • Stay inspired by our 1150+ ready-to-use Outlook email templates;
  • Reuse created modules for future campaigns;
  • Use any of the 7 ways to validate your email layout prior to exporting it;
  • Export emails from Stripo to Outlook with just 1 click.
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Stripo — Alternate email template builder for Outlook

Many of our users — agencies, teams and freelancers — export designed emails to Outlook.

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Create responsive email templates fast without any HTML skills. Our editor with rich templates library and advanced features help you build and edit email layout faster than ever before.

Work with your team

Invite your colleagues, work together on unlimited projects. Store your master-templates and custom modules in personal content library, export your emails the way you like and send anywhere.


Check out how your emails will be displayed on mobile and desktop devices. Use any of the 7 ways to preview and pre-check your email. Stop worrying about the email rendering issues on different devices — we take care of it.

Export and send

Export emails that you effortlessly build with Stripo directly to Outlook with 1 click. No further setup required.

Create using the Outlook template editor

Sending HTML emails to colleagues and clients through Outlook is not a problem anymore. Stripo allows:

  • Crafting responsive emails in no time with 1150+ ready-to-use email templates that our Outlook template creator offers;
  • Setting subject line and preheader for your emails directly in Stripo;
  • Inserting tables, reports, images in your templates with our Outlook email builder;
  • Adding AMP elements and dynamic content in emails to enable your colleagues to confirm appointments and to see real-time data;
  • Building and designing countdown timers for your emails right in our Outlook email editor;
  • No more blocked backgrounds and broken layouts in Outlook — we’re on it;
  • Previewing your email across all versions of Outlook with our email testing tool.

Work with your team in our Outlook email template creator

  • Invite up to 100 members to your account;
  • Create unlimited projects;
  • Assign roles for your colleagues;
  • Use your personal Storage of Content Modules in our Outlook email template builder. Create and update new emails faster than ever before;
  • Check all changes with the embedded versioning control. Find who and when made some changes and get back to the necessary version with 1 click.

The 7 ways to preview and validate your emails in the template builder

Prior to pushing emails to your ESP, you definitely should preview them

Email clients check

Use our integration with EoA and check out how your email will work on most devices and in the most popular email clients.

Preview email screen

See your final draft both on desktop and mobile devices. Hit the «Preview» button above the email. Done!

Send test email

To see what your email will look like in your recipients' Inboxes, please send out test emails. Click the «plane» icon above the email, enter your email address. Done — check your Inbox!

Team Collaboration

Wanna be able to leave comments to your colleagues right in email template? (Coming soon)

Shareable link

If you want to get shareable link, click the «Preview button». Then hit the «Copy» button at top of the preview panel. Done!

Export to PDF file

To download your email as PDF to print it out, or attach to your reports, click the «Export button», then select «PDF». Considering your current needs, select the file-type. Done!

Export to HTML file

If you are an agency that provides clients with email HTML code, then you may download email as HTML archive. Done!

Export to Outlook and Send

Export your email with 1 click
Edit in Outlook if necessary
Send with Outlook
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