Tripolis email builder from Stripo

Our editor enables you to

  • build high-quality emails faster for our 13 Drag-n-Drop blocks;
  • create AMP emails with no coding skills for our Drag-n-Drop blocks and prebuilt email templates with AMP elements;
  • design CTA buttons that render perfectly well across major email clients;
  • store numerous content modules which you will use across multiple campaigns in the future;
  • update all your HTML email templates at once with the “Synchronized modules” option with our Tripolis email editor;
  • work on images directly in our Tripolis email template editor thanks to a built-in banner generator and built-in photo editor;
  • prior to exporting emails to your ESP, preview them our testing tool to know how they will render in users’ inboxes;
  • export emails that your build with our advanced Tripolis email editor to your ESP with one click.
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Stripo — Alternate email template builder for Tripolis

What Stripo and Tripolis’ integration gives you

Saves time

With our HTML editor for Tripolis, you build emails twice as fast. 13 Drag-n-Drop blocks, about 1000 ready-to-use fully responsive templates, embedded photo editor, content modules, etc. are at your service to save time on email production.


Invite all team members to work on emails with you. Assign different roles to each of them.

Email testing

There are 7 ways to check your emails with our Tripolis HTML editor. And at least 3 ways to send them to your clients and colleagues to get their approval.

Direct export to Tripolis

Push your emails from Stripo to Tripolis in just 1 click.

Create by using the Tripolis template editor

  • emails with interactive and dynamic content with little to no coding skills for our advanced techniques and controls — send only fresh and relevant information to users;
  • fully on-brand emails for the ability to customize email width and ability to use custom fonts across emails;
  • edit/update up to 100 emails at once with 1 click for our Synchronized modules option;
  • connect emails to Google Spreadsheets to use real-time content in your campaigns;
  • set mobile styles for your emails to make them exceptionally well and legible for all readers.

Work with your team in our Tripolis email template creator

  • work with nearly 100 teammates on your projects;
  • assign different roles with respective access levels to your colleagues;
  • be always aware of who and when made recent changes to your emails;
  • roll back to any existing version of your emails for any project.  

The 7 ways to preview and validate your emails in the template builder

Prior to pushing emails to your ESP, you definitely should preview them

Email clients check

Use our integration with EoA and check out how your email will work on most devices and in the most popular email clients.

Preview email screen

See your final draft both on desktop and mobile devices. Hit the «Preview» button above the email. Done!

Send test email

To see what your email will look like in your recipients' Inboxes, please send out test emails. Click the «plane» icon above the email, enter your email address. Done — check your Inbox!

Team Collaboration

Wanna be able to leave comments to your colleagues right in email template? (Coming soon)

Shareable link

If you want to get shareable link, click the «Preview button». Then hit the «Copy» button at top of the preview panel. Done!

Export to PDF file

To download your email as PDF to print it out, or attach to your reports, click the «Export button», then select «PDF». Considering your current needs, select the file-type. Done!

Export to HTML file

If you are an agency that provides clients with email HTML code, then you may download email as HTML archive. Done!

Export to Tripolis and Send

Export your email with 1 click
Preview in Tripolis
Send with Tripolis
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