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Searching for an elegant Sendloop email template? Here, pick the one that you like the most, customize it down and export to Sendloop with 2 clicks.

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Stripo has integrated with Sendloop. This means that from now on you can build emails with Stripo and send with Sendloop.

Why is it beneficial to use these both tools?

Well, Stripo allows building sophisticated emails in no time and with no coding skills.

And also for its:

1. Automation of email production

Reducing email production time is our #1 priority.

A wide variety of email templates

Stripo offers a number of ready-to-use Sendloop email templates. You do not need to build one from scratch. Just pick the one you like the most, customize it down according to your current campaign’s needs.

We offer templates for all tastes and for different occasions: promo campaigns, trigger emails, sales emails, and seasonal emails to congratulate your clients on holidays.

Smart-elements to build product cards fast

The “Smart-elements” option enables you to build numerous product cards in literally no time.

How does it work? You configure — design it and set what content should be shown in email — just once. When building a new campaign, you just paste links to necessary products items from your site into proper your Sendloop HTML email template — and Stripo will retrieve necessary data and insert it in respective fields.

For more information about the Smart-elements option, please refer to our “Smart-elements” blog post. 

Personal content library

You can save individual elements of your Sendloop newsletter templates to the library of Modules.

This allows building emails much faster — you just drag the necessary modules from the library into your Sendloop email templates.

You can store even smart-element modules :)

Also, you can reuse entire templates all over again. 

2. Embedded micro tools to build unique emails

Stripo offers a number of embedded micro tools that let you design elements for your emails directly in the editor.

Ability to upload custom fonts

To let you stay brand consistent across all campaigns, Stripo enables you to upload custom fonts

You can apply these fonts to all copy in your free Sendloop newsletter templates except for banners.

Embedded banner generator

Speaking of the banners. You do not need Photoshop to build multi-layered banners right in Stripo. Apply filters, add copy, upload additional images to your banners. When exporting your emails, Stripo converts your multi-layered image into a regular one that renders well across all email clients.

Basic button block

It is crucial to add buttons to all emails.

Make those buttons noticeable and make them match your Sendloop email design in just a few clicks. Drag basic Button block into your template, in the settings panel work on its design, write encouraging CTA copy and add your URL.

For more information, how to design buttons with Stripo, please refer to our blog page.

Add countdown timers in emails

With Stripo, you do not need any third-party tool to add timers in emails.

Just configure and design them directly in Stripo.

Interesting stats: timers in emails increase revenue by at least 9%

Use our free Sendloop email templates, customize them down, implement your ideas to make campaigns even more unique — export your emails to Sendloop — and may all your future campaigns be successful and profitable.

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