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Beefree Review:
Pricing, Features, Alternatives

Looking for the Beefree review? Updated Jan, 2018 rating for Beefree: pricing, features, and alternatives directly from our experts.

We are going to survey Beefree, compare it with its biggest competitors, and find out if it is really that good.
Or are there now some more up-to-date editors?

What is Beefree

BeeFree is a world-famous Email Template Builder, a part of MailUp Group.
Beefree lets you create mobile-friendly newsletters, which are correctly displayed on most devices and mail clients. Customizes the messages and exports them to your ESP. But in order to export them, you will need to get registered with Beefrеee and get Pro Account.

Beefree Features

  • Custom templates
  • Responsive web design
  • Free tutorials and blog posts on design weekly
  • Test out messages
  • Feedback and approval within teams (Pro)
  • Brand Management (Plugin)

Beefree Pricing

BEE Free
  • Doesn’t require sign-up
  • Impossible to save templates here
  • No export allowed, only HTML
$25 for teams/month
$10 for individuals/month
  • Allows saving messages
  • Team collaboration
  • ESP integration
BEE Plugin
$45 /month
  • Brand settings
  • Projects

Beefree alternatives

Mosaico is a drag-&-drop email template builder, based on open source software.

Inkbrush is an email editor, Movable’s product, helps slice up newsletters.

Stripo allows creating fully responsive templates without HTML skills, and offers an open library of blocks.

They all serve the same purpose, but in fact, the 4 builders differ.

BeeFree vs Mosaico vs Inkbrush vs Stripo

We made investigations and comparison of Beefree vs Mosaico, Beefree vs Inkbrush, and Beefree vs Stripo.
BeeFree Mosaico Inkbrush Stripo
mosaico inkbrush stripo
Free Trial
Free Trial 15 days +




Price per month Individuals / Teams / Agencies
Price per month Individuals / Teams / Agencies $10 / $25 / $45 50 users €800 / 5,000 users €15,000 Unique for everyone / Depends on the Company $10 / $25
Export to GetResponse / MailChimp / Gmail
Export to GetResponse / MailChimp / Gmail + / + / +
Pro/Plugin Packages
HTML code – / – / – + / + / +
Edit Template’s Design in MailChimp after Export
Edit Template’s Design in MailChimp after Export +
Ready Templates / Available Pictures to use
Ready Templates / Available Pictures to use Over 80 / 50 1 / 0 Over 250 / 10,000+
Decorative Fonts
Decorative Fonts 20 50+
Embedded image editor
Embedded image editor +

Only Filters Available
Timers / GIFs
Timers / GIFs + +
Save separate blocks to the library
Save separate blocks to the library +
Hide separate blocks on mobile devices
Hide separate blocks on mobile devices +
Smart Automating Elements
Smart Automating Elements +
All features, prices, and data were last verified in January 2018. Have noticed any discrepancy – please, contact us

6 key characteristics to take in consideration
when choosing an email template builder

Customer support should be always available. Good to have a possibility to reach them if you face any difficulties by means of chat, email, and call at any time.
Easy Export to ESP
Exporting an email message to the ESP you need with just 2 clicks, without saving any codes is a good up-to-date feature a Template Builder must offer.
Smart Elements
Sometimes you need to perform routine work or a repetitive action for a big number of images. For instance, uploading snippets of many products with prices and description, smart element option saves you a big amount of time by automating this process and doing work for you.
Library of Templates, Blocks, and Images
For your convenience, an editor is supposed to offer an open library with ready-to-use templates, a library of images, and give an opportunity to upload your own images and to save blocks separately.
No HTML skills required
In order to save our time, we tend to use only those tools which facilitate our work. Creating newsletters without any HTML skills is not a convenient feature anymore, it is now a must-have.
Fully Responsive Web Design
Today, when 56% of messages are read in mobile devices, the message you create must be correctly displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. Thus, responsive layout/image option should be available with the editor you use. This way, you can also choose which blocks should be displayed on the smartphones, and which should be hidden.

Which Email Template Builder to use?

No answer can be correct here. Your choice depends directly on the needs and purposes the builder will serve for you.

In fact, all template builders are meant to help us in creating professional responsive newsletters, to save our time.

We have gathered necessary data, presented in the table above, to help you make the right choice.

Why choose Stripo Email Template Builder over Beefree, Mosaico, Inkbrush Editors?

Because Stripo is the only editor which contains all the 6 key characteristics, and even more:
  • Offers fully Responsive Layout for Emails
  • Provides technical support via email, chat, and call
  • Open Library with over 250 ready Templates and 10,000+ Images
  • Embedded Photo Editor
  • Remove Editor’s Logo from the Template with Free Version
  • Smart-Element
  • Integration with ESP and Gmail

Comments by Facebook Users

Mark Sevi‎

Dear whoever,

I feel like I walked into Heaven when I discovered your company. Over and over again for months and months I have searched for exactly what you are offering – control over my emails. I am THRILLED to have found you. I just hope that it’s not too good to be true since I’ve only played around for a short time but I don’t think so – I feel like this is the real deal.

I just LOVE your interface and the fact that I can actually poke into the HTML and EXPORT IT!!! …

Kimberly Vaughan‎

This was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Thank you so much! This made it easy for me to create beautiful, professional looking emails and with the source code I can use it with our drip marketing system. Brilliant! One of my favorite features is that I can separate projects and the emails and images associated with that project (Client). I would give this program 10 stars if I could!

Great design and great output!

Chris Powers‎

Absolutely LOVE this product. While I’m onto creating my second email, I expect to be a die-hard user for a long time.

I’m so glad you have the save rows/modules and that helps me extremely. I also like the power of “undo”. Thanks!

If I were to change one thing, and seriously I can only think of one, it is this. As I start to use this for my job, and emails for the various brands that we own…I wish there was a way to group emails with either tags or categories. For example: GeoShack is our main brand, and I may have divisions under that (GeoShack University, GeoShack Advantage, GeoShack PSC, etc). In addition to that, we own several other companies that are not ‘GeoShack’.