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Mosaico Review:
Pricing, Features and Alternatives

We offer Mosaico Review. Here, you will find Mosaico: pricing, features, and alternatives directly from our experts, updated Jan 2018.

We are going to thoroughly survey Mosaico’s principal features along with its biggest competitors’ ones, and compare them to find out which editor meets our needs best.
But before we do, let us say a few words precisely about Mosaico:

What is Mosaico?

Mosaico is a drag and drop Email Template Builder, based on an open source software, hosted on GitHub. Allows creating fully responsive templates.

Mosaico Features

  • Open Code. Mosaico enables you to read, change and customize codes. Exporting built messages to any ESP is possible by means of saving and transferring HTML code only.
  • On-premise. You store images and libraries on your own server.
  • Perpetual License. You buy their non-limit license but updates and tech support available within the first 3-12 months.
  • Responsive layout clearfix. With Mosaico, you can create fully responsive templates.

Mosaico Pricing

Mosaico does not require a regular payment. It offers a perpetual license.

Depending on the package the customers equipped, the latter receives technical support and updates either within a 3-month term or a year. If customers are interested in further updates and tech support, they need to buy a new license. Otherwise, they are welcome to use the original Mosaico license for free.

The price depends directly on the number of users of a team who are going to use it.

Active Users Support and Upgrade Price
50 users 3 months 800 € + VAT
200 users a year 2,400 € + VAT
500 users a year 4,000 € + VAT
2,500 users a year 15,000 € + VAT

Mosaico Alternatives

Beefree, Stripo, and Inkbrush are Mosaico alternatives.

All these editors have similar functional: they build responsive templates. We decided to survey the competitors for the unique features.

We have made thorough investigations on these template builders, and offer a coherent comparison of Mosaico vs Stripo, Mosaico vs Beefree, Mosaico vs Inkbrush:

Mosaico BeeFree Inkbrush Stripo
mosaico inkbrush stripo
Free Trial
Free Trial


15 days




Price per month Individuals / Teams / Agencies
Price per month Individuals / Teams / Agencies 50 users €800 / 5,000 users €15,000 $10 / $25 / $45 Unique for everyone / Depends on the Company $10 / $25
Export to GetResponse / MailChimp / Gmail
Export to GetResponse / MailChimp / Gmail HTML code + / + / +
Pro/Plugin Packages
– / – / – + / + / +
Ready Templates / Available Pictures to use
Ready Templates / Available Pictures to use Over 80 / 50 1 / 0 Over 250 / 10,000+
Decorative Fonts
Decorative Fonts 20 50+
Embedded image editor
Embedded image editor
Only Filters Available
Timers / GIFs
Timers / GIFs + +
Save separate blocks to the library
Save separate blocks to the library +
Hide separate blocks on mobile devices
Hide separate blocks on mobile devices +
Smart Automating Elements
Smart Automating Elements +
All features, prices, and data were last verified in January 2018. Have noticed any discrepancy – please, contact us

6 key characteristics to take in consideration
when choosing an email template builder

Export to various ESPs
Convenient and time saving option like easy export, without downloading HTML files, and zipped images, saves lots of time. Also, this easy way a template is properly saved, and transferred, without any loss of useful information.
Responsive Web Design
Is no longer an additional option. It is a must. This function should be turned on just with one or two clicks, and no interference into HTML code needed.
Import Templates
An editor must allow importing a built template from one editor to another, where you can divide it into layers, and make some changes.
Saving blocks option
A very convenient option is to save not only templates, but built blocks, as well, which you will use over and over.
Ready Templates
A modern Template Builder is supposed to offer a number of ready-to-use templates to save your time. You may consult them for inspiration. Or make just some changes within a ready template, and send it right away.
Easy in Use
Nowadays, when all tools are meant to save our time, any up-to-date Email Template Builder should be easy in use. No HTML code skills required.

Which Email Template Builder to use?

Your choice depends directly on your needs, and preferences.

We should not advise anything here.

We just can strongly recommend taking in consideration all the 6 key characteristics we mentioned above, and the table we thoroughly prepared for you.

Why choose Stripo Email Template Builder over Beefree, Mosaico, Inkbrush Editors?

Stripo only contains not only all the 6 mentioned above characteristics, but the following ones, as well:
  • Customers’ support via all possible ways
  • Allows removing Logo from the Free Version
  • Smart-element for uploading description of a big number of products
  • Embedded photo editor, and over 50 decorative fonts
  • Bank with thousands of available images

Comments by Facebook Users

Mark Sevi‎

Dear whoever,

I feel like I walked into Heaven when I discovered your company. Over and over again for months and months I have searched for exactly what you are offering – control over my emails. I am THRILLED to have found you. I just hope that it’s not too good to be true since I’ve only played around for a short time but I don’t think so – I feel like this is the real deal.

I just LOVE your interface and the fact that I can actually poke into the HTML and EXPORT IT!!! …

Kimberly Vaughan‎

This was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Thank you so much! This made it easy for me to create beautiful, professional looking emails and with the source code I can use it with our drip marketing system. Brilliant! One of my favorite features is that I can separate projects and the emails and images associated with that project (Client). I would give this program 10 stars if I could!

Great design and great output!

Chris Powers‎

Absolutely LOVE this product. While I’m onto creating my second email, I expect to be a die-hard user for a long time.

I’m so glad you have the save rows/modules and that helps me extremely. I also like the power of “undo”. Thanks!

If I were to change one thing, and seriously I can only think of one, it is this. As I start to use this for my job, and emails for the various brands that we own…I wish there was a way to group emails with either tags or categories. For example: GeoShack is our main brand, and I may have divisions under that (GeoShack University, GeoShack Advantage, GeoShack PSC, etc). In addition to that, we own several other companies that are not ‘GeoShack’.