Unlayer Review:
Pricing, Features, Alternatives

We have learned everything about Unlayer and its leading competitors to help you pick the perfect email template builder. Keep reading!

Looking for the Unlayer review? We have gathered helpful information on Unlayer’s pricing, distinctive features,
and alternatives to help you choose the most suitable email template builders for your specific needs.

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What is Unlayer?

Unlayer is a popular drag-and-drop email editor and page builder that enables users to produce responsive and attention-grabbing messages from scratch within a few minutes. You can either use this tool online or embed it in your application. With 100K people using Unlayer per day and 1000+ prebuilt templates, this editor is a good option to design appealing emails for your subscribers.

Unlayer Features

  • smart design tools to speed up the production process;
  • direct export to the most widespread ESPs;
  • team collaboration to work together more efficiently;
  • drag-and-drop capabilities;
  • responsive templates compatible with the email software you prefer;
  • reusable content blocks;
  • dynamic content to make your emails stand out and engage recipients.

Unlayer Pricing



per month
  • email builder with drag-and-drop capabilities;
  • mobile-ready campaigns;
  • rich library of free stock images;
  • downloadable templates.


per month

Everything from the Free plan, plus:

  • ESP integrations;
  • custom templates;
  • save and edit campaigns.


per month

Everything from the Free plan, plus:

  • dynamic content;
  • user roles.

Unlayer Alternatives

Stripo is a popular drag-and-drop email design platform with 1050+ customizable templates and 100 000+ free stock images. The modular architecture makes the design process faster and easier.

BEE Free is a convenient drag-and-drop editor that enables users to produce recognizable emails and responsive landing pages. Choose one of 1210 ready-to-use email templates or design your own from scratch.

Chamaileon is a solid email creation platform with 150 prebuilt templates and an embedded photo editor. Users can also benefit from modular email architecture to speed up the production process and stay brand consistent.

To help you choose the perfect editor tailored to your needs and business goals, we have learned everything about Unlayer’s competitors and created this comparison table.

Unlayer vs Stripo; Unlayer vs BEE Free; Unlayer vs Chamaileon

BEE Free
Ability to design AMP emails
Free Trial
14 days
14 days
Price per month
available on request
Export to
available on paid plans
70 ESPs / available on paid plans
some ESPs are available on paid plans only
some ESPs are available on paid plans only
Ready-to-use email templates
Free stock images
millions of images from Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay
100 000+
millions of images under the Pexels license
Ability to upload custom fonts
Pixie And Banners generator
“Countdown Timer” block
Ability to hide particular email elements on mobile devices
Email translate service
Reusable content blocks
Smart elements to simplify and speed up the production process

All features, prices, and data were last verified in July 2022. Have noticed any discrepancy — please, contact us at contact@stripo.email.

Top 7 characteristics to take into account
when selecting a suitable email template editor:

  • Template generator

    A convenient editor is supposed to offer a variety of prebuilt email templates to save you time and effort and a blank template to let users design their messages from scratch.

  • User-focused subject lines, offers based on purchase history, and weekly reports make your emails more personalized and memorable. Check if you can add merge tags right in your email template builder. As a result, you won’t have to do it in your ESP.

  • Bulk actions

    Bulk email services enable users to send mass emails at the appointed time and avoid the spam folder, replace a particular element in numerous templates, and send trigger emails after user actions. It will help you save time and reach a wider audience.

  • Email translate service

    If you want to get your messages noticed and read worldwide, we recommend you benefit from multilingual email marketing campaigns. Make sure you can translate your emails with Google directly in the editor or use the “Vendor Translate” option to let your translator work with texts in the email template builder.

  • Drag-and-drop AMP blocks

    AMP emails can bring your email marketing campaigns to a higher level with dynamic content, engaging mini-games, and hyper-personalization. It’s crucial to be able to drag-and-drop AMP blocks like carousels, accordions, and forms into your template and configure them within a matter of minutes.

  • Ability to add videos to your emails

    By the end of 2022, videos are expected to make up over 82% of all internet traffic. Videos in emails can help you showcase new products, congratulate subscribers on special occasions, and explain how to use your tools. Ensure your email editor allows users to add videos to their messages.

  • Extensive library of images, templates, and reusable content modules

    A convenient email editor is supposed to provide you with a variety of free images and editable templates to make your messages eye-catching and brand-consistent. With reusable content modules, you can save separate blocks (header, logo, footer, menu) and use them across various campaigns.

Which email template builder to choose?

There is no golden rule for choosing the perfect email template builder. Keep in mind your business needs and objectives to make the right choice. But still, we recommend you stick to the top 7 characteristics we mentioned above.

Extra features Stripo can offer to meet your specific needs

Besides the characteristics we mentioned above, we can offer something special for you:

  • embedded photo editor;
  • mability to save templates or custom email elements for further use;
  • advanced tools to benefit from dynamic content and produce interactive emails;
  • over 1100 ready-to-use email templates, 100 000+ free images, and 50+ decorative fonts;
  • ability to export emails to 70+ popular ESPs;
  • “Countdown Timer” block;
  • smart elements to generate product cards within a few minutes;
  • ability to remove the editor’s logo from templates using the Free plan;

Comments by Facebook Users

Absolutely LOVE this product. While I’m onto creating my second email, I expect to be a die-hard user for a long time.

I’m so glad you have the save rows/modules and that helps me extremely. I also like the power of “undo”. Thanks!

If I were to change one thing, and seriously I can only think of one, it is this. As I start to use this for my job, and emails for the various brands that we own…I wish there was a way to group emails with either tags or categories. For example: GeoShack is our main brand, and I may have divisions under that… show more

Dear whoever,

I feel like I walked into Heaven when I discovered your company. Over and over again for months and months I have searched for exactly what you are offering – control over my emails. I am THRILLED to have found you. I just hope that it’s not too good to be true since I’ve only played around for a short time but I don’t think so – I feel like this is the real deal.

I just LOVE your interface and the fact that I can actually poke into the HTML and EXPORT IT!!! …

This was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Thank you so much! This made it easy for me to create beautiful, professional looking emails and with the source code I can use it with our drip marketing system. Brilliant! One of my favorite features is that I can separate projects and the emails and images associated with that project (Client). I would give this program 10 stars if I could!

Great design and great output!

Love Stripo! I have built beautiful templates that we use in our HR onboarding process.

I especially love the new tool that allows you to export directly to Outlook, this makes exporting so fast and easy!