How modular design is shaping email marketing

How modular design is shaping email marketing

Modular email design is revolutionizing email marketing. However, email modules are way more than just ideally designed email snippets. This innovative approach to modules and the process of creating emails is set to completely alter the workflow within email marketing teams, allowing marketers to concentrate more on strategic aspects rather than technical details.

Join us for a deep dive into the modular email design philosophy with Semrush’s leading experts. This webinar will demonstrate how modular design can make your email campaigns more efficient and save valuable resources.

What you'll learn:

  • Generic module management: Challenges and benefits

Led by Taylor Raffa, Mass Email Team Lead at Semrush, delve into the core of modular design’s challenges and uncover its unparalleled benefits. Understand how modular email design simplifies the email creation process and enhances campaign efficiency.

  • Smart Modules: Design, data, and automation

Mark van Gils, Email Marketing Manager at Semrush, will take you through the intriguing world of smart email modules, where design meets data. Find out how to create dynamic and personalized emails that engage your audience on a new level.

  • Interactive modules: AMP + HTML/CSS

With Dmytro Kudrenko, Founder and CEO of Stripo, explore the innovative use of AMP and HTML/CSS in crafting interactive emails. See how you can take your email modular template designs to the next level with interactive elements that captivate your subscribers.

Our speakers:

Taylor Raffa is the Mass Email Team Lead at Semrush, a leading SaaS platform for digital marketers. She brings a decade of experience in email marketing, from freelance collaborations with small businesses to impactful roles within the tech and public sectors. Passionate about newsletters and design systems, she combines her love for creativity and strategy to drive impactful email campaigns. 

Mark van Gils is an Email Marketing Specialist at Semrush. He has experience in multiple industries and companies across the Netherlands, mainly focused on email automation. He brings extensive knowledge of the technical and development side—always looking to improve, scale, personalize, and of course, automate as much as possible out of the most beautiful marketing channel there is, email.

Dmytro Kudrenko, the Founder and CEO of Stripo, is an experienced entrepreneur with a 25-year background in software development, including 15 years focused on email marketing. He has expertise in email marketing automation and is certified in Lead Management and Email Messaging by Meclabs. His aim is to simplify email marketing for companies and enhance its value for subscribers.

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