Ultimate Guide to Email Gamification

Everything you need to start utilizing gamification in email marketing today, including unbelievable examples for inspiration

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  • When gamification performs best

  • What makes a game interesting from recipients’ perspective

  • How to make games cheap, yet powerful

  • Encouraging stats on gamification in email marketing

  • Ways to build games fast

Examples of email gamification

Father’s Day: Help a Kitten Deliver Present to His Father

To help the kitten find a way to his father, recipients were supposed to rotate image slices to solve the maze. When everything was done right, they saw a notification message that says they helped out a kitten, the hero of the maze.

The Stripo AMP Quiz Series: You did not expect this

In this email, the last one in a series, recipients were supposed to do the crossword puzzle. Of course, the questions were about email marketing. To answer, they just had to place the mouse pointer in an empty slot.

🦇 A Halloween game: Stop the Spam 👻

Users had to save their sender reputation by stopping the Spam. Meaning, they had to “catch” the SPAM emails by clicking on them. Based on the number of emails the recipients caught, they would get a “reward”.

Christmas with Stripo 🎄Create a holiday card right in your email!

This was a game that enabled our recipients to draw a Christmas card in their inboxes. A snowflake, or maybe Santa? A penguin, or a ladybug. A Christmas tree, or a Deer that delivers presents to you and your close ones?

Easter Gift from Stripo

Here, in this Easter email, users could win a discount for the next purchase. To win it, they had to find numbers behind eggs, sum them up, enter the final result in the input field.

There’s a Father's Day Game right in the email!

What can we say? Evidently, we love having fun on Father’s Day! We know fathers are heroes! So, this time we decided to let them show what they got!

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