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10 best white labeling software to use in 2024

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Table of contents
  1. What is white labeling?  
  2. White labeling’s benefits
  3. Best white label email marketing software 
  4. Wrapping up
What is white labeling?  

In a highly competitive market, companies always are looking for any advantage that will help them outperform their rivals. White label software for email marketing emerges as a powerful solution, allowing companies to leverage cutting-edge technology while maintaining their brand identities. This article explores the benefits of white label software, as well as provides the 10 best solutions on the market that you should take a closer look at if you’re looking for a similar solution for your email marketing processes.

What is white labeling?  

Before moving on to specific technical solutions that will help upgrade your email marketing processes, it’s worth defining what white labeling actually is.

White labeling is a business practice in which a company rebrands a product or service developed by another company as its own. This allows the company to sell the product or service under its own brand name and identity without needing to invest in the development or maintenance of the product itself. White labeling commonly is used across various industries, including email marketing, in which companies can offer software solutions under their own brand, even though the underlying technology may be developed by a third-party provider.

As for the software itself being distributed under this strategy, white labeling typically involves a software provider licensing its product to other companies, who then customize it with their branding elements, such as logos, color schemes, user interfaces, or whole new features that can be a unique requirement for their processes. White-labeled software often is offered as a turnkey solution, allowing the purchasing company to enter new markets quickly or expand its product offerings without the time and expense of developing a new product from scratch.

White labeling’s benefits

Now that we know what white labeling is, it's time to discuss the benefits that companies reap when turning to white label software for their business processes.

Brand differentiation

In a crowded marketplace, standing out is essential for brand success. One effective strategy is to offer a service that complements or diverges from your competitors' offerings. Rather than investing time and resources to develop something entirely new, leveraging existing solutions that align with your brand and that can be integrated swiftly is a savvy move. This approach allows businesses to set themselves apart from the competition without delay. By introducing a distinctive service, you capture attention and establish your brand as unique within the industry.

Expanded range of products to offer

As companies strive to innovate and attract customers with fresh offerings, white label solutions emerge as a game-changer, enabling rapid expansion of product portfolios without exhausting internal resources.

In essence, white label solutions facilitate swift product expansion at a fraction of the time and cost that in-house development would require. More products help provide a stronger competitive edge and broader customer base.

Lower risks

Embarking on in-house software development entails significant risks that often are underestimated, and opting for tried-and-tested solutions eliminates these risks. White label solutions offer reliability and cost-effectiveness, sparing you from budget overruns and underwhelming outcomes.

Moreover, troubleshooting issues don't burden your team. Simply turn to the solution provider for swift resolutions, ensuring seamless operations and peace of mind.

Faster time-to-market

One of the main goals of every business is to stay ahead of its competitors, which hinges on consistently introducing fresh products and services to satisfy evolving customer needs. It's a race against the clock, requiring innovation to outpace competitors.

The shortcut to victory? Avoid the complexities of crafting custom solutions independently. Instead, embrace white label products. With this approach, you effortlessly expand your toolkit and service offerings, maintaining your competitive edge effortlessly.

Best white label email marketing software 

The benefits that your email marketing processes can reap from white labeling are quite notable. Let's examine the best white label software that can provide the necessary boost and technical support to your business processes.

Notably, the tools are presented in random order, i.e., they’re not listed from best to worst or vice versa.


Pricing: From $13 to $350 per month

This is one of the most popular e-mail marketing services in the world, and it has a large number of white label features that can be a great help in email marketing.

Mailchimp provides seamless integration with AgencyAnalytics to craft flawless Mailchimp dashboards tailored for your clients. By upgrading your plan, you can elevate your brand presence by replacing Mailchimp branding with your own logos and visuals across emails and dashboards that you create.

Mailchimp allows marketers to track crucial performance metrics––such as open rates, click rates, and conversions through intuitive dashboards and reports––thereby providing the necessary tools to deliver actionable insights to your clients.

Furthermore, Mailchimp boasts distinctive email features such as "predictive segmentation," i.e., leveraging data science to help craft optimal campaigns, thereby ensuring maximum engagement and effectiveness.

Mailchimp white label software

(Source: Mailchimp)

Distinctive features

  • customizable performance and competitive reporting;
  • API access and custom domains;
  • multiple user accounts;
  • data reporting, eCommerce tracking, and behavioral targeting.

Software cons

  • the free plan lacks white label features;
  • a growing contact base raises the price per month.


Pricing: From free plan to $300 per month, as well as custom pricing

Stripo is an email design platform that provides the most intuitive and feature-rich editor for creating emails of any complexity. On top of that, the editor’s functionality, in addition to the online version, also has a white label integration plugin.

The Stripo plugin is JavaScript embedded in a business solution that functions as a component. It receives HTML + CSS and returns HTML + CSS after modifying the code. All server components can be deployed at the Stripo end, making it easier for businesses to enter the market without search server powers.

The plugin is extremely flexible, allowing you to customize the editor’s design and functionality to suit your business needs. And all this is in your product, along with the full-fledged Stripo platform’s features.

Stripo plugin

Distinctive features

  • modular email design for streamlining email creation;
  • a big number of image providers to connect;
  • secure data processing on Stripo’s end;
  • professional assistance during the integration process.

Software cons

  • the free plan doesn’t support UI customization and logo removal.


Pricing: From $45 per month

HubSpot stands out as a comprehensive marketing solution, offering an array of white label email marketing features.

HubSpot's cornerstone lies in its emphasis on personalization, a vital asset for B2B enterprises striving to bolster their brand presence. By white labeling HubSpot's suite, businesses can embed their own or their clients' logos seamlessly, ensuring brand continuity across every facet of the platform — from the interface and email campaigns to notifications and reports.

By leveraging automated white label email campaigns featuring tailored messaging, businesses can guide prospects gently along the conversion journey, effectively nurturing leads throughout the lengthy B2B sales cycle until they’re primed for purchase. This tailored approach proves particularly advantageous for B2B entities navigating complex sales processes.

HubSpot white label dashboard

(Source: Venture Harbour)

Distinctive features

  • branding can be customized regarding all aspects of the platform;
  • white label partner dashboard;
  • great technical support for white label partners.

Software cons

  • aimed more toward CRM features than email marketing;
  • confusing module packages and additional costs.


Pricing: From $9 per month

MailerLite emerges as a user-friendly, white label email marketing solution, offering a streamlined set of features perfectly suited for entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses operating within budget constraints.

MailerLite's intuitive platform offers seamless navigation and a range of essential features, including three versatile editors (drag-n-drop, rich-text, and custom HTML) and automated workflows, making it an ideal and affordable choice for businesses.

Moreover, MailerLite facilitates targeted campaigns by integrating with Facebook's Custom Audiences, allowing delivery based on time zone, interest groups, and personalized copy.

With MailerLite, custom branding and domain integration are standard, ensuring that all email campaigns and templates align with your brand identity. Notably, the platform enables creation of unique custom sign-up forms tailored to meet specific brand standards, a feature that sets it apart.

For agencies, MailerLite's API integration allows for seamless incorporation into clients' tech stacks, empowering agencies to deliver fully branded email marketing campaigns tailored to clients' needs.

MailerLite white label dashboard

(Source: Email Tool Tester)

Distinctive features

  • white label reporting and analytics;
  • allows for adding logos and branding to the login screen;
  • white label landing page domains.

Software cons

  • content personalization is pretty limited;
  • lacks event-based triggers.


Pricing: From $29 per month

ActiveCampaign stands out from the crowd thanks to its integration partners and white labeling capabilities, setting it apart from competitors.

ActiveCampaign's "per-account" white labeling feature allows users to maintain global settings while customizing branding for individual accounts, making it an ideal solution for agencies managing multiple accounts.

Furthermore, agencies leveraging ActiveCampaign can create custom campaign templates tailored to each client's needs, enhancing brand consistency and efficiency.

The platform's single-sign-on capability further streamlines operations for agencies by enabling seamless integration of the API with the agency's website. This facilitates client access to their ActiveCampaign accounts directly through the agency's platform, simplifying user management and enhancing the overall client experience.

ActiveCampaign white label marketing software

Distinctive features

  • custom domains for enterprises;
  • logo rebranding and HTML/CSS rebranding;
  • per-account customization.

Software cons

  • limited email design flexibility;
  • large number of features can overwhelm.


Pricing: From $20 per month

Klaviyo has a dedicated Klaviyo One enterprise customer experience platform that empowers businesses to craft white label emails for customers across every interaction point, spanning from onboarding processes and cart abandonment to repeat purchases.

Klaviyo One distinguishes itself through its robust segmentation feature, allowing users to target customers based on a variety of criteria, including location, discounts, product interactions, purchase history, and engagement levels.

Moreover, Klaviyo offers a comprehensive white label program, accessible through direct contact with its sales team. This program empowers users to customize the user interface, email templates, and notifications with their own branding, ensuring a cohesive brand experience for clients. Furthermore, users can establish pricing and billing structures tailored to their specific client base.

Furthermore, by charging a wholesale price to white label partners, Klaviyo enables users to upsell their services, ensuring they profit from their efforts while providing valuable marketing solutions to clients.

Klaviyo white label marketing software

(Source: Klaviyo Community)

Distinctive features

  • 300+ pre-built integrations;
  • white label program with online training, continuous support, sales coaching, onboarding resources, and account management;
  • numerous email templates to use.

Software cons

  • hard-to-use email editor;
  • no send-time optimization.


Pricing: Individual

Braze empowers businesses to personalize their approach to email marketing, fostering meaningful conversations with customers that extend seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Braze is a perfect tool with which to leverage targeted segmentation based on demographic, geographic, and behavioral data, coupled with intelligent timing insights for optimal campaign delivery.

Furthermore, Braze enables inclusion of contextual content within campaigns, enhancing interactivity by incorporating quizzes or surveys directly within emails. These interactions can be tracked seamlessly in your CRM, providing valuable insights into customer engagement.

Ideal for enterprise clients with extended sales cycles, Braze offers customization options, such as font uploads, email sender personalization, and API endpoint connections. This facilitates seamless integration into your tech stack, ensuring that no data are lost and all interactions are integrated seamlessly into your CRM.

Braze white label email marketing software

(Source: AB180)

Distinctive features

  • custom domains and landing pages;
  • dedicated account manager support;
  • numerous email templates to use.

Software cons

  • can be pricey, as each business case is handled individually.

Constant Contact

Pricing: From $9.99 per month

Constant Contact is an exceptional choice for novice users seeking white label email marketing software.

With its user-friendly interface tailored for beginners, Constant Contact provides a welcoming environment for those new to email marketing. Originally designed as an email marketing platform, it offers all the essential features necessary to kickstart your first campaign, catering to beginners perfectly.

Setting itself apart from its competitors, Constant Contact boasts a robust array of integrations with third-party applications, customizable branding options, and reliable support readily available whenever assistance is required.

Constant Contact white label software

(Source: Agency Analytics)

Distinctive features

  • full email and branding customization;
  • personalized copy A/B testing;
  • intuitive email drag-n-drop builder.

Software cons

  • branding removal comes at a separate price;
  • pricing scales with the growth of your email list.


Pricing: From $15 per user per month

Mailjet stands out as a preferred email campaign builder for industry giants like DHL, American Express, Microsoft, and Wikipedia.

Its user-friendly email builder simplifies the creation process, while the collaboration feature facilitates real-time editing and feedback from multiple team members, akin to a Google Doc.

Ensuring brand consistency is effortless with Mailjet's "Saved Sections" feature, allowing users to store logos and stylings for seamless integration across multiple emails.

Mailjet white label software

(Source: Mailjet)

Distinctive features

  • API integration;
  • customized IPs and custom domain options;
  • sub-account creation for multiple brands.

Software cons

  • a limited number of emails within plans.


Pricing: From $7 per month

Moosend, which initially focused on empowering businesses to craft visually stunning and targeted emails, has evolved into a comprehensive white label email marketing software.

With its intuitive drag-n-drop builder and affordable pricing, Moosend caters effectively to small businesses seeking basic-yet-robust functionality.

Distinguishing itself through advanced segmentation options and automated email flows, Moosend allows users to target behaviors, such as opening email and making purchases, while automating various email sequences, such as reminders, onboarding, and offers. Furthermore, users can conduct A/B tests, including videos within email content, for enhanced engagement.

Moosend's white label capabilities shine through its customizable email templates and personalized user interface, empowering small businesses and agencies to tailor the platform to their unique branding and layout preferences, thereby ensuring a seamless experience for both their business and clients.

Moosend white label dashboard

(Source: Moosend)

Distinctive features

  • multiple domain hosting;
  • collaborative team mode;
  • customizable landing pages, logos, and colors.

Software cons

  • a limited number of integrations.

Wrapping up

Navigating the array of white label email marketing software options available can be tricky, but by identifying your specific needs and use case, you can find the perfect fit that aligns with your goals.

This list serves as a valuable starting point to help you narrow your choices and determine which platform best suits your requirements. With many platforms offering free trials, taking one for a test drive is highly recommended to ensure it meets your expectations.

Armed with the right tool, you'll be well-equipped to embark on your journey of launching your first white label email marketing campaign, paving the way for success in no time.

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