Blueshift email builder from Stripo

Stripo helps you and your team:

  • launch personalized email marketing campaigns by using merge tags;
  • enrich your emails with interactive games, quizzes, and surveys to engage your subscribers and boost revenue;
  • benefit from 1500+ pre-designed email templates. Just align them with your brand design guidelines and you are all set to make your campaign a success;
  • gather relevant customer data and ask subscribers to leave feedback with easy-to-use AMP forms;
  • unlock the power of automation with emails triggered by real-time actions and the Smart Elements feature to build numerous product cards in a few clicks;
  • optimize your emails for mobile devices to reach a wider audience in your niche;
  • update several emails at once by using the synchronized modules;
  • export messages you build in our Blueshift email template builder in 1 click and without any further setup.
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Stripo — Alternate email template builder for Blueshift

Enjoy the Stripo and Blueshift integration

Implement interactive content

From CSS-animated buttons and star ratings to image carousels and embedded surveys, our email template generator for Blueshift offers you to use interactive content to boost your click-to-open rate by 73%.

Personalize your emails

Personalized email campaigns generate 40% more revenue than regular ones. With Stripo, you can add merge tags to your messages to use your subscriber’s name, location, gender, age, and other info to make your offers more persuasive.

Gather customer data

With our easy-to-build AMP forms, you can ask subscribers for feedback and gather their personal data like employment, marital status, education, etc. Thus, you will be able to deliver relevant content and motivate people to interact with your emails.

Benefit from 1-click export to Blueshift

We value your time, so this integration enables you to design on-brand email templates in Stripo and push them to Blueshift with 1 click. No further setup is required, so your content will be optimized for Blueshift.

Create by using the Blueshift template editor

  • triggered email campaigns to streamline your workflow;
  • professional and brand-consistent emails with the help of our modular system;
  • updates for hundreds of emails at once by using the Synchronized Modules feature;
  • emails with videos to drive subscriber engagement rates and enhance your CTR up to 96%;
  • powerful multilingual campaigns. Translate your messages into 10+ languages to accelerate your sales process and acquire more high-quality leads;
  • custom emails for any niche, purpose, and occasion. Benefit from both the drag-n-drop feature and the HTML code editor to align templates with your specific needs.

Work with your team in our Blueshift email template creator

  • invite from 2 to 100 colleagues to work on your emails together;
  • assign different roles to your team members and manage access levels;
  • monitor any changes made to your email templates;
  • roll back to the previous email versions.

The 7 ways to preview and validate your emails in the template builder

Prior to pushing emails to your ESP, you definitely should preview them

Email clients check

Use our integration with EoA and check out how your email will work on most devices and in the most popular email clients.

Preview email screen

See your final draft both on desktop and mobile devices. Hit the «Preview» button above the email. Done!

Send test email

To see what your email will look like in your recipients' Inboxes, please send out test emails. Click the «plane» icon above the email, enter your email address. Done — check your Inbox!

Team Collaboration

Wanna be able to leave comments to your colleagues right in email template? (Coming soon)

Shareable link

If you want to get shareable link, click the «Preview button». Then hit the «Copy» button at top of the preview panel. Done!

Export to PDF file

To download your email as PDF to print it out, or attach to your reports, click the «Export button», then select «PDF». Considering your current needs, select the file-type. Done!

Export to HTML file

If you are an agency that provides clients with email HTML code, then you may download email as HTML archive. Done!

Push to Blueshift and send out to subscribers

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