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eSputnik is a great email service provider. We can talk hours about its advantages.

Some of them are:

  • omnichannel — emails, SMSs, messengers, web and mobile push notifications;
  • dynamic content;
  • complex scenarios;
  • detailed reports based on AI;
  • dynamic personalization;
  • tracking users’ behavior — this is utterly important for advanced personalization and helps ecommerce build better relations with customers.

Stripo editor is embedded into eSputnik as the plugin. But Stripo offers some additional features that cannot be embedded into any system:

1. 1400 ready-to-use eSputnik email templates

We offer a number of prepared eSputnik email templates. What does it mean? You save a significant amount of time.

You do not need to create a new email from scratch. You can choose any you like, make changes to it in accordance with your brand design to stay brand consistent throughout your website and email campaigns.

2. Ability to save eSputnik email templates as PDF-file

Why would you need to save emails as PDF? For approval. You download your eSputnik HTML email templates, then print it out and spread among your colleagues.

Besides, it allows seeing emails from a new angle.

3. Folders to group your eSputnik newsletter templates

Group the eSputnik newsletter templates into folders for your convenience. Those can be “trigger emails”, “promo emails”, “festive campaigns”, etc.

4. Versioning and history of changes for eSputnik newsletter templates

Last Fall, we implemented these two options. It’s utterly important for companies where more than 1 person has access to projects and editing.

Due to the versioning option, you may not worry that someone’s made changes to your email. You can always get back to the version you made or to a certain phase of the entire email creation process.

Also, you and your colleagues may remember that a certain version of the free eSputnik newsletter template made on day *** was the best. You easily select it from the list of versions, and without any superfluous moves, just export to eSputnik, your ESP.

5. The Countdown timer block to create a sense of urgency for eSputnik email templates

When working on your eSputnik email design, you may want to enliven it with a countdown timer. It helps to urge customers. Normally used in promo emails to let the customers know how soon the sale ends and in reminder emails to let the customers know how soon the event starts.

Final words

Use both tools to better collaborate with your colleagues when working on emails.

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