How to Add a Countdown Timer in Your Email

Create countdown timers for emails
How to Add a Countdown Timer in Your Email

Learn how to enhance the urgency and engagement in your email campaigns with Countdown Timer feature in this video tutorial. Adding a countdown timer to your emails can drive higher click-through rates and boost conversions. Here's a brief summary of the steps:

  1. Drag the Timer Block: Start by dragging the "Timer" block into your email template.

  2. Set the Expiry Time: Specify the exact time when your offer or promotion ends, and don't forget to choose your time zone for accuracy.

  3. Design the Text: Customize the text design of your countdown timer to align with your brand and message.

  4. Adjust Alignment and Padding: Fine-tune the alignment and paddings to ensure the timer fits seamlessly into your email design.

  5. Choose Display Options: Decide whether you want to display number labels and include days in your countdown timer.

  6. Set Separator Style: Customize the style of the separator used in your timer.

  7. Insert an Expiry Image: Add an image that will be displayed when the countdown timer reaches zero.

  8. Paste Link and Alternate Text: Paste the link and alternate text for the image.

By following these steps, you can create an eye-catching and effective countdown timer that encourages your recipients to take action before time runs out. Watch the video to see how your timer will appear in emails and what it looks like when the offer expires. Harness the power of urgency in your email marketing with Countdown Timer feature.

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