How to Add Menu in Email

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How to Add Menu in Email

Elevate your email design with Stripo's menu-building feature. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of adding menus to your emails, offering three types of menus to suit your needs: links, icons, and a combination of both.

For the first menu type, links, start by adding a "Menu" block. Name your menu items and insert the corresponding links. Customize font preferences, add separators if necessary, and select your preferred colors. You can also add extra menu items and delete any unwanted ones to fine-tune your menu.

The second menu type, icons, allows you to upload images to each menu item, giving your emails a visually appealing touch. Finally, for the third menu type, icons combined with links, simply complete your menu editing to bring your design to life.

Here are some tips to keep in mind: Limit your menu to three items to maintain email design responsiveness, and ensure that the links direct recipients to the correct landing pages. With Stripo's menu-building feature, you can create professional and visually engaging emails effortlessly. Try it today to enhance your email campaigns.

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