How To Build AMP Questionnaires with Pre-Built Modules

Build your email with interactive quizzes
How To Build AMP Questionnaires with Pre-Built Modules

In this video tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of creating dynamic AMP questionnaires using Stripo's pre-built modules. Building engaging and interactive surveys for your email campaigns has never been easier.

To get started, head to the "Modules" section and navigate to the "Pre-built" tab. Here, you'll find the "Questionnaire" module. Simply drag and drop this module into your email template. Customize the colors by accessing the code editor and replacing the existing colors with your preferred ones. You can easily designate correct and incorrect answers using the "a1" and "a0" fields, respectively, and adjust background and border colors to provide visual cues to your recipients.

The next step involves working on your questions and editing a JSON file, which is essential for creating your Data Source. This file will pull information and questions from your servers into emails. The tutorial provides clear instructions on how to structure your JSON file and create questions, including specifying correct and incorrect answers, adding images, and entering answer options. Once your JSON file is ready, you'll connect your emails to a Data Source and create a data service for storing users' responses. This comprehensive guide ensures that you can easily incorporate dynamic questionnaires into your email campaigns, offering a more engaging and interactive experience for your subscribers.

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