03 October 2022

User Response Rate Increased by 2.5 times? Yep! Business Case From Adidas and Omnicore

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Table of contents
  1. The company
  2. Company’s email marketing strategy
  3. The challenge
  4. The solution
  5. The results
  6. Conclusions for the email campaign
The company

Niche: Fashion, eCommerce as a service.

The company

Omnicore acts as an eCommerce partner for Adidas Ukraine. In 2021, the company launched the long-awaited official online store adidas.ua, and now, in addition to product support, it provides performance marketing, content management, customer service, and fulfillment.

Company’s email marketing strategy

In terms of retention marketing for Adidas, in addition to regular promotional mailings, the company actively uses triggered emails.

Promotional mailings are usually associated with current discounts, seasonal sales, and holidays. Omnicore prepares them individually for each event.

Trigger newsletters work differently. Once created, they work independently for a long time. This is made possible by the extensive automation of ESP platforms.

Unlike promotional newsletters, triggered emails are linked to events related to user data or actions on the site or in an email. Their task is to get buyers to take action while they are still hot. For instance, while that pink jacket excites the imagination or the trace of those wonderful white sneakers still lingers in the memory.

Why are triggers so interesting from a business point of view? As a more personalized and relevant type of content for the user, they bring more income than promotional mailings. High-quality triggers on a project bring up to 70% of the total income from the email channel.

In addition to commercial selling triggers, some triggers are aimed at increasing customer loyalty to the company, as well as managing negativity and improving your own service for customers. The company actively uses various surveys for this purpose.

The challenge

The company has set the following goals:

  • rework survey emails;

  • improve the efficiency of survey emails compared to previous versions of messages.

The solution

To fulfill the set conditions, the company chose AMP as the main tool for creating a new version of the survey email. An email campaign was developed with two versions of emails: a standard HTML email and an AMP email with an NPS survey.

This was done since 70% of Adidas subscribers use email clients that do not support AMP emails, so it was vital to create 2 versions of emails.

Implementation process

AMP email

The company made up the AMP version of the survey using the convenient system of blocks in Stripo and inserted them into their email. Stripo allows you to add a ready-made AMP block to an email, so marketers only had to edit this block to match the style of the Adidas project.

The main advantage of AMP is that it enables recipients to vote directly from the email without clicking on links to third-party services. The user only needs to click on the answer in the email, and the vote will be recorded.

Here is what the AMP version of the questionnaire looked like.

adidas NPS email

(Source: Email from Adidas)

After the user opens the email, they can rate and leave a comment in the input field. After that, the user must click on the button "Leave a review." Once clicked, the following message will appear:

adidas NPS Complete

(Source: Email from Adidas)

HTML email

The AMP technology was developed in 2015 but it still does not work on all email clients. The company created the HTML version so customers whose browser does not support AMP technology could vote.

Many email clients are in no hurry to implement AMP due to the new markup language and the high cost of the technology. But the trend is clear: AMP is the future.

The HTML message was created by the company in the email builder using the built-in tools of the eSputnik platform.

Here's what it looked like.

adidas HTML Email

(Source: Email from Adidas)

The scale was made using a separately animated picture to attract attention.

Marketers attached a link to the picture and a button to a specially designed page with a survey form. Users are redirected to this page when they click on an image or button.

adidas Evaluation on Website

(Source: Email from Adidas)

On this page, users can vote and their feedback is recorded and stored in Stripo. After the user leaves a rating and comment, they need to click on the button, and the following page will appear.


adidas Evaluation Complete

(Source: Email from Adidas)

The results

The performance of the new AMP emails has exceeded all expectations compared to standard HTML survey emails. The surveys were conducted over three months: June, July, and August.


AMP questionnaire

  • open rate (OR) — 13.8%;

  • percentage of form completion from those who read the email — 90.8%.

HTML questionnaire

  • open rate (OR) — 26.8%;

  • percentage of filling out the form from those who read the email — 26.4%.


AMP questionnaire

  • open rate (OR) — 14.2%;

  • percentage of filling out the form from those who read the email — 54.4%.

HTML questionnaire

  • open rate (OR) — 25.3%;

  • percentage of form completion from those who read the email — 31.8%.


AMP questionnaire

  • open rate (OR) — 11.2%;

  • percentage of filling out the form from those who read the email — 77.2%.

HTML questionnaire

  • open rate (OR) — 24.2%;

  • percentage of filling out the form from those who read the email — 30.3%.

HTML's open rate is higher, perhaps because most users don't have access to AMP technology. But in this case, the form completion rate is more important for the company as the main goal was to collect feedback.

Conclusions for the email campaign

As you can see, AMP questionnaires work more efficiently than HTML versions. The main indicator, survey completion, is much higher for clients receiving the AMP version of the survey.

This is not surprising because voting directly from the email is much easier and faster for the user. Plus, creating an AMP is easier for an email marketer as they can use a ready-made AMP block from the Stripo email design platform. Meanwhile, to conduct an HTML survey, it's still necessary to create additional web pages using the developer's resources. AMP is a promising technology and is expected to grow even more in the future. Therefore, the company plans to work with AMP further. In the near future, Omnicore intends to conduct a survey to re-engage inactive users.

This was just one of many examples of how Stripo helps build smart emails and improve real business metrics. You can reach the same heights and we will help you with this.

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