30 May

Introducing Stripo’s AI Assistant: Evolutionizing editor for email campaigns

Oleksii Burlakov
Oleksii Burlakov Content writer at Stripo
Table of contents
  1. Seamless integration and a user-friendly interface
  2. Personalized campaign creation
  3. Intelligent email sequencing
  4. Interactive and editable content
  5. Tailored user experience
Seamless integration and a user-friendly interface

Stripo is excited to unveil our latest innovation, the AI Assistant, designed to generate your email marketing campaigns with unprecedented ease and efficiency. With the AI Assistant, we are one step closer to our goal of fully automating the creation of emails. While tools like ChatGPT already allow you to create complete emails, the real challenge lies in controlling the process and ensuring that the output meets your standards. 

That’s why we developed the AI Assistant—a tool that not only automates email creation but also gives you complete control at every step. With the AI Assistant, you can enjoy the benefits of automation while maintaining the ability to review, edit, and customize each email. This ensures that every message aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice and objectives. This controlled automation guarantees that you receive high-quality emails tailored to your specific needs, combining efficiency with precision.

Just imagine the following:

  • effortless campaign creation: No more wrestling with complex software or struggling for inspiration. The AI Assistant guides you through the process, generating a multi-stage email sequence to promote your next webinar, complete with pre-webinar introductions, reminder emails, and post-webinar follow-ups;
  • intuitive user interface: The AI Assistant boasts a user-friendly interface that makes crafting compelling content a breeze. Simply provide some basic details about your webinar, and the AI Assistant takes care of the rest, generating targeted email copy and suggesting attention-grabbing subject lines and CTAs;
  • seamless customization: Don’t be confined to a rigid script. The AI Assistant’s generated content is fully editable. You can easily tailor the messaging to your brand’s voice, refine the design, and personalize each email with just a few clicks.

This is just a glimpse of what the AI Assistant can do to streamline your email marketing workflow. 

This groundbreaking tool will be incredibly powerful for marketers, with the first version specifically optimized for webinar promotions. However, we plan to expand its capabilities to cover other use cases in the future. We encourage you to share your suggestions and needs. Who knows, your case might be the next one we enhance with the AI Assistant!

Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect from the AI Assistant.

Seamless integration and a user-friendly interface

AI Hub menu: Access the AI Assistant directly from the AI Hub menu on the left panel of your Stripo account. This integration ensures a seamless experience without disrupting your current workflow. With the AI Assistant, you have the power to control every aspect of your email campaigns. Choose the number of emails to generate, set the subject lines, and customize the content to suit your needs. The AI Assistant provides suggestions and automates the creation process, but you retain the final say, allowing you to edit and refine each email at any time. This ensures that your emails are not only efficiently created but also meet your exact specifications and standards.

AI empty hub

Personalized campaign creation

Setting up your personal information: Initiating the AI Assistant is simple. Click the green bar on the bottom panel to open the setup window, which will guide you through the setup process. The same bar at the bottom will keep you informed of progress, showing your completion status and reaching 100 percent once all fields are filled, including your website address. It’s important to note that you can fill in information about your brand to create emails that are tailored to it.

create email messages with AI assistant

Customizable fields

  1. Company logo
  2. Company name
  3. Industry
  4. Website
  5. Tone of voice
  6. Language

AI assistant settings

Intelligent email sequencing

Generating campaigns: Once the setup is complete, you can start generating emails by entering a prompt. For instance, to promote a webinar, simply input the necessary details, and the AI Assistant will pull relevant data from your landing page.

Automated email series: The AI Assistant creates a series of emails, each with a specific purpose and timing:

  1. Pre-webinar invitation
  2. Speaker’s introduction
  3. Webinar reminder
  4. Post-webinar follow-up

assistant edit menu

Interactive and editable content

Dynamic content blocks: Each email is composed of various blocks that can be edited and customized to suit your needs. Hover effects reveal options to edit or add new blocks, ensuring that your emails remain dynamic and engaging.

Regeneration options: If you need to tweak the content, simply click the AI Assistant button at the bottom right to regenerate specific parts of your campaign, making adjustments as needed.

Each generated email contains the following:

assistant list of structure

  1. Header: Displays your company logo and a quick link to log in
  2. Introduction: Brief overview of the webinar and speakers
  3. Coverage list: Detailed topics to be covered in the webinar
  4. Event information: Date, time, and calendar links
  5. Call to action: Persuasive CTA inviting readers to join
  6. Past webinars: Highlights from previous successful webinars
  7. Footer: Standard footer with unsubscribe options and contact information

AI for structure

Tailored user experience

Adaptive interface: The AI Assistant provides a tailored experience for different user roles, enabling the efficient utilization of the feature and seamless editing at every step.

asisstant adaptive interface

Be the first to generate AI-powered emails, elevate your campaigns to new heights, stay tuned for the release date, and get ready to unlock the full potential of Stripo's AI Assistant!

We are eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so please comment below or send us feedback.

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