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23 December 2022

The Stripo plugin: installation and core features

Stripo / Blog / The Stripo plugin: installation and core features

Plugins are a great way for businesses to provide customers with everything they need without having to develop everything at once. Simply put, businesses can focus on their core activities and let the plugins take care of the rest.

For example, in the world of email marketing, most ESPs focus on bringing their clients the best delivery tools, analytical tools, data collection, etc. Therefore, improving their current email builder cannot be their top priority.

To help such companies, we have released a plugin. SaaS providers can now install this plugin on their websites, CRMs, ESPs, or any other tool that requires a modern email builder. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Who is our plugin for?

All SaaS businesses can benefit from integrating a complex and comprehensive email editor into their products.

  • Startups 

As a startup, you may lack the time or money to build your own email editor, yet an email production tool is a must for your company. Installing the Stripo plugin makes your tool complete and complex, allowing you to improve customer experience quickly and at low costs.

  • Businesses

If your company’s primary activity is only tangentially connected to email creation, you host webinars, provide online education courses, run recommendation engines, etc. Installing the Stripo plugin allows you to provide your clients with an up-to-date email builder.

  • Enterprises/professionals

If email marketing is your core activity, you must provide clients with an email builder as well as other tools. Installing the Stripo plugin lets you focus on your core activity while we take care of your clients’ email creation processes.

The Stripo plugin features

Our plugin is not an embedded editor but a component that helps your users and colleagues create HTML emails more quickly and easily. It does not process your data or emails. It is a component built to process your codes.

Here’s what we have to offer our clients:

1. Advanced customization

Our plugin is fully customizable: 

  • Interface design 

Design your editor interface per your brand design styles.

  • Basic blocks & custom controls

You choose which basic blocks, including AMP blocks, your clients will use. For your clients’ convenience, you can enable advanced controls for the basic blocks.

  • Support for AMP components & interactivity in emails 

All these elements are optional. Yet, enabling them in your application will let users build up-to-date emails quickly and easily.

  • Stock images

You can provide your users with plenty of beautiful free images by simply inserting access keys to the image providers’ APIs.

  • Image size

You set the maximum image size. However, the standard image size does not exceed 2 MB.

  • Display conditions & smart elements

These features help users automate email production and cut time.

  • Modules, aka modular email design

This feature is essential for email creation automation. Users create modules, like footers and menus, just once and then simply insert them into emails. With modular email design, your clients will build emails twice as fast. It’s proven. For your users’ convenience, you can also enable them to create folders on their own.

2. Merge tags

Merge tags, also known as data tags, personalize emails. Help your clients use merge tags in their marketing campaigns to valued customers. These tags are right in the editor and easy to use.

3. An unlimited number of users

Unlike most email editors, we do not limit the number of users. You only need to consider how many emails your customers create/edit per month.

This is very convenient, as some users may send only one or two emails per month.

4. Optional storage servers

You decide whose servers to use for stock image storage — yours or ours.

5. Stability and reliability

We are a high-quality control system that guarantees constant service availability and stability. We do everything we can to provide our clients with stable and reliable service.

Stripo’s uptime is 99.99%. You can always check the status here.

Want to learn more about our plugin and discover what’s under its hood? Read the full Stripo Plugin API documentation.

How to deploy the Stripo plugin

The following video shows the steps to embed our plugin:

The How to Install Plugin video

There are three easy steps to integration:

Step 1

Register and provide basic information for plugin initialization.

Step 2

Configure the setup, adjusting our tool for your business needs by customizing every detail.

Step 3

Paste the embed code into your website HTML, as shown below.

On your UI, there will be two <div> areas: the settings panel and the preview area:

  • define the two containers;
  • insert the embed code/script;
  • initialize plugin;
  • and it’s done! You are amazing!

You can read the detailed manual on configuration and installation in the document.

And it’s done! You are amazing!

Wrapping up

When developing our tool and plugin, we considered all the subtleties of email creation. While you focus on building and growing your business, we take care of your clients’ email production processes. With our plugin, you not only save time and money but also provide your clients with a reliable, comprehensive email builder. 

Focus on growing your core business while we take care of your clients’ email production for you

Brenton Partridge 1 year ago

Can the Stripo plugin export to ESPs? For instance, if our customers want to create emails with our content library's pre-made blocks, but export to their own ESPs to send, can they do this within the plugin? Alternately, can we do something like auto-create them Stripo accounts and transfer their emails into those new accounts, so they can export to ESPs themselves?

Eryk Jaroszewicz 1 year ago

Please consider building Stripo Wordpress plugin.

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to Eryk Jaroszewicz 1 year ago

Eryk Jaroszewicz, Thank you. We have forwarded this message to our tech team.

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