14 June

Leadership & fatherhood: An inspiring Father's Day tribute

Oleksii Burlakov
Oleksii Burlakov Content writer at Stripo
Table of contents
  1. A father's wisdom: Lessons learned in the trenches
  2. Finding balance: The art of fatherhood and leadership
  3. A symphony of responsibility and leadership
  4. Wrapping up
A father's wisdom: Lessons learned in the trenches

As Father's Day approaches, a day dedicated to celebrating the incredible men who shape our lives, we at Stripo want to do something special. Today, we're not just grilling burgers and handing out ties. We're embarking on a journey into the hearts and minds of four extraordinary fathers who also happen to be the leaders who guide our teams.

Prepare to be inspired by their stories — tales woven from the threads of fatherhood, leadership, and the delicate dance of balancing work and family. These are stories not just of success in the boardroom but also triumphs on the playground, lessons learned in the trenches of fatherhood that translate beautifully into the world of work. 

So, grab a tissue (because these stories might tug at your heartstrings!), settle in, and get ready to meet the remarkable fathers — and leaders — who make Stripo the vibrant family it is. But wait, there's more! This celebration wouldn't be complete without a special guest joining the mix. Stay tuned for a surprise interview that promises to be both insightful and heartwarming.

A father's wisdom: Lessons learned in the trenches

In this edition of our special guest series, we meet Chad S. White, a leader who has successfully navigated the demanding roles of fatherhood and professional success. With three sons, including one with special needs, Chad's journey offers valuable insights for anyone seeking to balance these crucial aspects of life.

Chad S. White

(Chad S. White, Head of Research at Oracle Digital Experience Agency and 5x author of "Email Marketing Rules")

Lessons from the playroom

Chad readily acknowledges the impact fatherhood has had on his leadership style. He emphasizes the importance of prioritization, recognizing that not everything can be tackled at once. This ability to discern what truly matters translates seamlessly into making effective decisions within his team.

Communication is key

Clear and concise communication is another valuable skill honed through fatherhood. Just as short, clear instructions lead to desired outcomes with his children, the same holds true for effective email marketing strategies.

Flexibility and empathy: The cornerstones of success

The most valuable lesson Chad has learned is the importance of flexibility and empathy. Life throws curveballs, and being able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances is critical. This extends to his colleagues and industry peers, and he fosters a supportive and understanding environment based his motto of "Don't make it worse."

Beyond the boardroom: A family affair

Chad's experience as a primary caregiver while working remotely has fostered a unique family dynamic. His sons have witnessed firsthand the dedication and hard work required for professional success while also recognizing the importance of family time. The ability to be present for his children's needs, from doctor appointments to school plays, demonstrates the crucial balance between work and family.

Values for the next generation

By leading by example, Chad hopes to instill a strong work ethic in his sons. He emphasizes that hard work brings rewards, but not at the expense of family bonds.

Chad's story exemplifies the transformative power of fatherhood. Through his experiences, he has not only become a better leader but also created a strong foundation for his family's future.

Finding balance: The art of fatherhood and leadership

Fatherhood and leadership are two seemingly disparate roles, yet they share a surprising number of parallels. Both require dedication, clear communication, and the ability to navigate complex situations. So, let’s delve into the world of Anton Hrynenko, a leader with over 15 years of experience. Through his insightful perspective, we'll explore how the lessons learned from fatherhood translate beautifully into the realm of leadership, ultimately leading to success in both spheres of life.

Anton Hrynenko

(Chief Technology Officer at Stripo, Anton Hrynenko and his Family)

Creating a supportive environment is key

Anton emphasizes the importance of fostering a supportive atmosphere, both at home and at work. This allows for clear communication and mutual understanding, leading to increased efficiency and fewer errors. He utilizes this approach with his team, ensuring everyone is on the same page, just as he clarifies tasks with his children to avoid misunderstandings.

Fatherhood: A training ground for leadership

Anton’s experience as a father has significantly impacted his leadership style. He highlights the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone, seeking unconventional solutions, and looking at situations from a broader perspective. These are valuable lessons that translate well into the workplace.

Challenges and triumphs

Balancing work and family life can be a constant juggling act. Anton acknowledges the difficulty of maintaining clear boundaries, especially when working remotely. However, the rewards are immense. He finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the growth of both his children and the projects he leads.

The role of company culture

Having a company that supports work–life balance is crucial. Anton expresses his appreciation for a flexible work schedule that allows him to attend important family events while fulfilling his professional commitments. Additionally, having a designated workspace helps him focus on work while maintaining a physical connection to his family.

Growth through fatherhood

Fatherhood has reshaped Anton’s perspective on career success. It's no longer just about personal achievements; it's about setting an example of efficiency, responsibility, and continuous self-improvement for his daughter.

Advice for new dads

Anton’s advice for new fathers is simple: prioritize time with your children. These moments create a strong bond that cannot be replicated later. He also emphasizes the importance of finding healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercise.

Building a strong support system

A strong support system is essential. Anton acknowledges the invaluable role his family, friends, and colleagues play in providing emotional support and motivation. He believes companies that create a supportive environment for working fathers benefit from increased loyalty and job satisfaction.

Leading by example

Anton explains his work and leadership role to his daughter using relatable examples. He emphasizes values like self-belief, perseverance, and the importance of achieving a good result at the right time.

Celebrating success together

Despite busy schedules, Anton prioritizes celebrating achievements with his family. Family dinners are a regular occurrence, fostering strong family bonds even amidst a hectic lifestyle.

Anton’s story exemplifies the fulfilling journey of balancing fatherhood and leadership. By prioritizing clear communication, creating a supportive environment, and embracing the valuable lessons learned as a father, one can achieve success in both aspects of life.

A symphony of responsibility and leadership

At Stripo, we believe that a well-rounded life fosters excellence. This extends beyond professional achievements; it encompasses the enriching experiences of fatherhood. In this section, we meet four of our dedicated fathers: Dmytro Kulaksyz, Nazar Nosanenko, Nikolay Nikandrov, and Roman Burdyga. Through their candid conversations, we discover a beautiful symphony playing out within them — the delicate balance between the responsibilities of fatherhood and the leadership roles they hold at Stripo.

Q: Fatherhood seems to have a deep meaning for each of you. Could you summarize in a few words what it means to you?

Dmytro Kulaksyz, Chief Operating Officer: To me, fatherhood is an amalgamation of responsibility, personal growth, and continuous learning.

Nazar Nosanenko, Lead SEO: It is infinite love, care, and a perpetual commitment to be a mentor and supporter for my child.

Nikolay Nikandrov, QA Team Lead: Fatherhood is about ensuring the safety, comfort, and mental state of my family, especially during challenging times.

Roman Burdyga, Design Unit Team Lead: Fatherhood, to me, is direct and active participation in every aspect of my child's life.

Dmytro Kulaksyz

(Chief Operating Officer at Stripo, Dmytro Kulaksyz and his Family)

Q: How do you balance your responsibilities at Stripo and fatherhood? What are your strategies for effective time management?

Dmytro Kulaksyz: I try to find a balance between work, family life, and personal time. Remote work has facilitated this balance.

Nazar Nosanenko: I adhere to a strict schedule and prioritize tasks, ensuring I'm productive at work while still providing ample attention to my family.

Nikolay Nikandrov: Being able to work remotely is a boon. I dedicate my mornings and evenings to my family, and they respect my working hours.

Roman Burdyga: Working from home has been a learning experience for both my child and me. It has taught us to respect each other's space and time.

Roman Burdyga

(Product Designer Design Unit at Stripo, Team Lead. Roman Burdyga and his Family)

Q: Can you share a memorable moment when your role as a father and your role at Stripo intersected or influenced each other?

Dmytro Kulaksyz: Fatherhood strengthened my mental health and made me more understanding, patient, and kind towards colleagues and subordinates. It transformed my approach to work.

Nazar Nosanenko: Balancing my daughter's school activity and an important presentation at Stripo taught me the importance of seeking help when necessary.

Nikolay Nikandrov: My son likes to join me during video meetings. It's a small but sweet intersection of my roles at home and work.

Roman Burdyga: Working remotely, I've been able to spend more time with my child. This constant involvement in his upbringing has been fulfilling, and I am glad for this balance that Stripo has allowed me.

Nikolay Nikandrov 

(QA Team Lead at Stripo, Nikolay Nikandrov and his Family)

Q: How has fatherhood shaped your leadership style, and how do you think it has influenced your approach to team management at Stripo?

Dmytro Kulaksyz: Fatherhood instilled in me habits, discipline, and the value of proper rest, all of which I carry into my role at Stripo.

Nazar Nosanenko: Fatherhood has made me more empathetic, supportive, patient, and understanding, shaping my leadership style at Stripo.

Nikolay Nikandrov: To me, my team has become like children who need to be guided, cared for, and supported. That's the influence of fatherhood on my leadership style.

Roman Burdyga: Fatherhood has taught me patience and self-control. I've evolved into a different person after becoming a father, and this change is visible in my approach to team management.

Nazar Nosanenko

(Lead SEO at Stripo, Nazar Nosanenko and his Family)

Q: Lastly, what is the most important lesson you want to pass on to your children?

Dmytro Kulaksyz The significance of proper education and discipline and the understanding that they are the masters of their own lives.

Nazar Nosanenko: The value of honesty, integrity, and respect for others' opinions. I want my children to be empathetic and understanding.

Nikolay Nikandrov: My key lesson to my child would be resilience. It's important to accept failure, learn from it, and keep moving forward.

Roman Burdyga: I want my child to understand that life is a journey of constant learning and growth. I want him to be curious, creative, and never fear challenges.

Wrapping up

The intricate dance between fatherhood and career can feel like a constant pirouette, a delicate balance that threatens to topple at any moment. Yet, as these Stripo leaders have shown us, it's a performance that yields a symphony of rewards. Their stories, woven with threads of love, responsibility, and leadership, paint a vibrant portrait of fatherhood's transformative power. 

It's not just about bedtime stories and scraped knees; it's a crucible that forges empathy, resilience, and a deep understanding of guiding others toward their full potential. These fathers extend their nurturing hearts beyond their families, creating a ripple effect within Stripo's walls. Their teams become more than colleagues — they become a support system, a safe space where growth and success take root, nurtured by the wisdom gleaned from the most demanding, yet most rewarding, role of all: fatherhood.

Celebrate Father’s Day with Stripo
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