07 February 2023

Meet Stripo Education

Choose your way of studying email templates building
Table of contents
  1. What you can find on Stripo Education
  2. Why do we do it in Stripo?
What you can find on Stripo Education

An email marketer's job involves constantly exploring new marketing opportunities, learning new tools, and using them to boost emails to get more conversions and leads. Understanding email marketing best practices and tools is a task that requires attention and time.

To make this task easier for you, we create training materials. And today, we are pleased to present you the new page where we have collected valuable resources for email marketing specialists — Stripo Education.

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What you can find on Stripo Education

There are many different courses for email marketers who want to upgrade their skills. Choosing courses with a theoretical base and practical assignments is essential to get better results. With this approach, you will have no doubt about how to do it technically and visually attractive when building an email on your own.

We understand how difficult it can be to find out what and how to create, especially when there is neither time nor skills. That is why we created webinars, courses, and an eBook filled with practical step-by-step tips that you can immediately put into practice.

For example, in one of the mini-courses, we tell you how to create a simple AMP-block puzzle game in an email and immediately give the code and all the implementation instructions.

Besides that, all Stripo features facilitate and speed up email production processes, but some specialists either need to learn about them or have time to deal with them on their own. That's why we offer detailed manuals.

On the Stripo Education page, you can find four groups of materials:

  1. YouTube Webinars are live broadcasts conducted by our specialists, where they talk about all the new Stripo features and share ideas for holiday email design, subject lines, and much more.
  2. Stripo Academy courses teach the basics of our editor and give step-by-step manuals in written form, where you will find lessons on exciting topics such as creating AMP files and gamification in emails.
  3. Udemy Courses are designed for both beginners and those who already know code or are just familiar with marketing. That is, our courses are divided into sections, and everyone will find something interesting and useful for themselves.  
  4. eBook, in which we collected all our experience in gamification of email marketing. 

Why do we do it in Stripo?

Good emails matter.

We are deeply convinced of this. Therefore, we want to encourage everyone involved in email production to do it as efficiently as possible. So that the email newsletter creation takes a minimum of time, but the emails are bright, lingering, and interactive.

This is how we created the Stripo builder and how we are producing each learning element in Stripo Education. Our goals are to shape the evolution of email marketing and to drive it.

And also, training in Stripo is the source of new ideas, inspiration, and communication with the community, which takes place, for example, in the comments on live broadcasts.

Therefore, we invite you to become those who use 100% of the possibility of email marketing. And we will share materials with you and train you so you can do it as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Choose your way of studying email templates building
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