15 August 2022

25 Best Email Newsletter Examples for Your Inspiration

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Table of contents
  1. 1. Banana Republic
  2. 2. Ecwid
  3. 3. World Wildlife Fund
  4. 4. Adidas
  5. 5. M&M's
  6. 6. Stripo
  7. 7. Claspo
  8. 8. Tom Raffield
  9. 9. WB Games
  10. 10. Gap
  11. 11. Adidas
  12. 12. Victoria's Secret
  13. 13. Chubbies
  14. 14. Banana Republic
  15. 15. M&M’s
  16. 16. Rozetka
  17. 17. Almanac
  18. 18. Grammarly
  19. 19. HubSpot
  20. 20. Everlane
  21. 21. Stripo
  22. 22. Tiffany & Co.
  23. 23. UEFA Women's Champions League Final
  24. 24. Women's Equality Day
  25. 25. Christmas Pizza
  26. A piece of advice
  27. Final thoughts
1. Banana Republic

Email marketing is an art, and artists need inspiration.

In this article, we compiled various email newsletter examples you can use as the basis for your future email campaigns.

1. Banana Republic

Subject line: New in: June Styles.

This newsletter template is just perfect for eCommerce companies. It contains plenty of bright photos in a big size which makes you believe that you can only extend your hand and reach out to the amazing outfit.

Awesome Newsletter Example from Banana Republic

(Source: Email from Banana Republic)

It's clear that the brand is fully aware of what its target audience needs. There are a few Call to Action buttons that encourage you to visit the website. And here's the cherry on top — a "recommended for you" section with huge discounts! We doubt someone can resist adding one or two items to the cart.

Its unique feature

It provides an opportunity to make constant contact by sending a simple message which allows customers to get early access to special offers and fashion tips, and user generated content.

2. Ecwid

Subject line: Welcome to Ecwid!

Every once in a while we have to register on this or that site. And there are always several steps to follow: enter your data on a website, open your inbox, click on the link which will redirect you to the website, and there you will read the only line "Your email is confirmed". Sounds like wasting plenty of time, don't you think so?

This welcome email is a great example of how it should look — you simply click the button instead of filling out signup forms and waiting for registration confirmation emails. That's it, quite an effective strategy.

Newsletter Example from Ecwid of how to Give new features a try in your emails

(Source: Email from Ecwid)

This type of confirmation requires using the AMP for Email technology

Its unique feature

It simplifies the user experience by adding a tool that allows them to confirm their email address and check if the registration is successful in one email.

3. World Wildlife Fund

Subject line: Plastic doesn't belong in nature.

Charity initiatives need to provide more information for their newsletter subscribers than just colorful pictures and funny headings.

WWFund email newsletter example

(Source: Email from World Wildlife Fund)

WWF's newsletter campaign is close to the blog post: there are lots of hyperlinks, call-to-action buttons, pictures, and so forth. It also contains a pretty comprehensive guide on what you can do to save the planet from plastic catastrophe.

Its unique feature

When you read the email message, you feel like you're responsible, and clicking the button or making a donation doesn't seem too much to make you feel a little less guilty.

At the same time, it's written in a quite friendly way, with thanks and appreciation, that leaves you open for help.

4. Adidas

Subject line: Don't just talk about saving the oceans. Run For The Oceans.

Adidas is well-known for its initiatives for environmental protection. And they know how people love challenges. That's why such a provoking subject line is a good choice for their target audience.

But this email newsletter is not only challenging. They also encourage subscribers with their own example to act and make a difference.

Email Newsletter Example of a long form content from Adidas

(Source: Email from Adidas)

For every other kilometer run, Adidas will donate $1 to teach youth about the threat of marine plastic pollution.

Also, they use the opportunity to advertise their new shoes that are made of upcycled marine plastic waste to their subscribers. Perfect timing!

Its unique feature

It has an extremely appealing subject line that encourages readers to act immediately. Also, it combines advertising with a social initiative, that makes the brand look more responsible and caring. If you want to learn more about creating appealing subject lines, check out our article 100+ Best Email Subject Lines to Boost Open Rate.

5. M&M's

Subject line: Halloween is Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

Halloween is one of the occasions when you can use all your creativity. But don't be trivial — bats, spiders, and ghosts aren't surprising anymore. Try to think about how you can work with your brand in relation to the holiday. Just like M&M's did!

This email newsletter is not about information, it is about the email design. Its main task is to entertain. They chose a character and changed its outlook to Dracula's. Nothing special, you may say, but it still makes a difference.

(Source: Email from M&M's)

Its unique feature

This newsletter is reminding the email subscribers of the upcoming event and makes them enjoy a nice animation. Apart from it, the email encourages them to buy some treats.

6. Stripo

Subject line: Create and engage: Surprise your subscribers with new AMP technology.

Want some exclusive content for your company's newsletter? Check how the email marketing service Stripo used the AMP feature to create this fun game.

For the past few years, people got used to email newsletters and it's hard to create ones that will impress different audiences of yours. And this is when Stripo helps. Take your chance!

This activity is quite easy: all you need is to put pictures in the right orientation. And you can see the immediate result.

(Source: Email from Stripo)

Its unique feature

Your customers don't constantly seek valuable content to read from your email newsletters, sometimes they just need to relax. Such games don't influence the content of the email, but we doubt email subscribers will be able to miss this opportunity to have fun.

7. Claspo

Subject line: Check out our integrations with Zapier, Klaviyo, and others.

Claspo provides tools for boosting your sales and engagement to captivate your website visitors. In this email newsletter design, new subscribers or existing customers can learn about what a company has launched.

Newsletter Example from Claspo

(Source: Email from Claspo)

At the top of the email, there is a roadmap for what has been released and what is coming soon. Also, you can see how the widgets work and get to know the pricing.

Its unique feature

This email newsletter briefly describes all the updates, shows you a visualization of the new improvements, and lets you check out their new blog posts if you wish.

At the bottom of the product announcement email, there's a short feedback form that requires only one click to establish constant contact.

8. Tom Raffield

Subject line: Guess where we’re going.

"No more boring emails and obvious subject lines", says Tom Raffield who creates this newsletter campaign.

Not only does it have beautiful pictures and a sophisticated design, but also it intrigues its subscribers about upcoming events. Readers literally have to guess where the company is going by looking at a few clues hidden behind the images.

The brand has a perfect email marketing strategy: such newsletters focus on the aim of encouraging subscribers to look forward to doing some research on the site or, at least, receiving the next email newsletter.

This is a great example of how you can promote the upcoming events for your potential customers in an unusual yet simple way.

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Its unique feature

Here's an email newsletter example that shows you how to make your email campaigns non-trivial. You can use the Stripo email builder to apply such newsletter tools.

In this newsletter, they used the Rollover effect, and with Stripo you can implement it by toggling one button.

9. WB Games

Subject line: DC FanDome Days of Deals: Only hours left to save up to 75% off!

Comics are always about a good visualization because pictures are essential for their specific audience. And WB Games used this just right!

Newsletter Example from WB Games

(Source: Email from WB Games)

They set the width that is far beyond the standard 600 pixels. It makes the email newsletter look more like high converting landing pages rather than a simple email.

With Stripo email builder, you can also set a custom width for your newsletter template.

Newsletter example wider than others

Its unique feature

Due to the pictures of big size and high quality, this email newsletter looks like a website page. It immediately draws attention and doesn't let you move to other messages shortly.

10. Gap

Subject line: $6.99 tees. $9.99 polos. $12.99 shorts.

Email is one of the best marketing channels for clothing stores. In this one, Gap provides its subscribers with updates on pricing for the collection in a very attractive way.

There's a GIF with colorful photos and prices right on it. As the photo changes, the color of the price changes as well in order to match the product it's related to.

(Source: Email from Gap)

It's a great idea for a weekly newsletter. Or you can choose whatever email frequency suits your brand best.

Its unique feature

Customers always need to know the price. The easier it is to get to know, the higher chances are they decide to buy something.

This GIF idea encourages email clients to set up constant contact. And it's pretty simple to create for your email marketing campaigns.

11. Adidas

Subject line: Highlighting the reality and resilience of Black runners everywhere.

Adidas and social initiatives always go together. They build their community around problems that worry most of us. That's why their email marketing strategy works well.

The company knows perfectly how to use the email marketing service to attract more website visitors. In this newsletter example, you can see a brief description of the problem everyone is concerned about. Then, they invite you to watch a few series that change the conversation in sports, promoting equality and highlighting runners whose shared identity shapes their daily experiences.

Welcome Email Newsletter Example

(Source: Email from Adidas)

At the bottom of the email newsletter, there are a few big buttons that lead to social media platforms and catch the subscribers' eye right away.

Its unique feature

Such a newsletter example shows us that social initiatives may be good not only for society but also for your own business. Add attention-drawing links to your social media accounts to get more subscribers, and you will be surprised how everything will work out.

12. Victoria's Secret

Subject line: Just dropped: Self-care staples.

Beautiful pictures are one of the essential components of marketing newsletters to sell your product. Victoria's secret embellishes colorful photos with attractive discounts and special offers.

This email template contains all the information a customer might need. Also, it allows the subscribers to establish constant contact by buying online with the opportunity to pick up in-store.

Email Newsletter example for eCommerce businesses

(Source: Email from Victoria's Secret)

Its unique feature

This email newsletter invites its subscribers to consider all the offers to choose the most desired one. And then, customers can also use a few helpful tools to make their life easier while placing and receiving the order.

13. Chubbies

Subject line: Don’t tell my boss, please.

Chubbies is well-known for its exceptional style. Some people find it weird, however, it's definitely unique and special.

The brand takes the most out of email marketing, starting with subject lines and the way they share company news and ending with pictures and overall look.

Email newsletter example _ Chubbies

(Source: Email from Chubbies)

This particular example some might find quite outrageous. It has a personal story of someone from the content marketing team that is meant to encourage its subscribers to buy something. The story is so appealing you cannot stop reading. The pictures are outstanding, too.

However, when you scroll down, you reveal that it was just a joke. But you were anyway going to make an order, weren't you?

Its unique feature

Chubbies is unique as a brand, and so are its email newsletters.

This newsletter is unique itself: just look at the fonts, pictures, hyperlinks, and tone of voice. But we must warn you: don't do this at home (until you're sure your subscribers will get it).

14. Banana Republic

Subject line: Why YOU ❤ our Sweater Blazer.

Have you ever seen an email newsletter fully dedicated to one item? We neither. Until Banana Republic created this email about their Sweater Blazer.

Newsletter examples _ Weekly Digest by Banana Republic

(Source: Email from Banana Republic)

They say it's a customer favorite and prove it with their comments and feedback. BR also provides the subscribers with photos and CTA's that encourage them to shop now.

Its unique feature

An unusual approach to newsletter design.

15. M&M’s

Subject line: Did you forget something?

Subject lines with such questions work very well. You open the email in panic and then, you see the jar of chocolate you were dreaming about the whole day. Will you be able to resist ordering it?

Email Newsletter Examples Abandoned Cart

(Source: Email from M&M's)

It's written in a friendly way, less official, with no pressure about the abandoned cart. On the contrary, you perceive it as a kind reminder and you will more likely return to the cart to pick the order up.

Its unique feature

M&M's uses its characters everywhere to communicate with its audience. This makes the brand recognizable and cheerful. In this email, they dropped a few lines, reminded you of what you have left in the cart, and invited you to complete the checkout.

16. Rozetka

Subject line: Last chance to buy it at a lower price.

Rozetka is a huge marketplace and they have grown a lot during the past few years. That happened because their email marketers are really good.

Email Newsletter Example with Gmail Promo Tabs

(Source: Email from Rozetka)

Its unique feature

In this newsletter, they put the sales pitch in a small banner that appears right in your inbox. And we all know that bright colors catch the eye, that's why we're pretty sure this approach convinced a larger amount of users to read the email.

This option works in Gmail on mobile devices.

How to Use Gmail Promotion Annotations Builder

17. Almanac

Subject line: Speed through your to-do list with easy-to-organize tasks 💨.

Almanac took advantage of two pain points: stickers and the job :)

After the opening, you immediately see the set of stickers which is available to everyone for free. Then, there are plenty of useful recent blog posts and tools which might help you be more productive at work and understand what you really want.

Also, there's an option to establish constant contact to provide some feedback and get a bonus for it.

Newsletter example of how to share weekly tips by Almanac

(Source: Email from Almanac)

Its unique feature

It's very-very informative while being so laconic and complete. You can easily choose what's needed for you and enjoy a perfectly organized email newsletter.

18. Grammarly

Subject line: Your weekly progress report.

You have probably heard of Grammarly and its famous reports. If not, let us explain why they're so great.

They pay lots of attention to the personalization of their email newsletters. Grammarly collects data from its users and sends it out to help them track their activity and improve the results.

Email Newsletter Example for Paying customers

(Source: Email from Grammarly)

For instance, you can track mistakes or missing dots, even the number of rare words that you used. Maybe it's not that essential, but it's still interesting to know when you monitor the progress.

Its unique feature

Personalization is the key when you want to build a community and help every customer feel valuable and unique. Grammarly uses it while creating their email newsletters to establish constant contact and increase the loyalty of the users.

19. HubSpot

Subject line: Craft Killer Marketing Emails with These Tips and Examples.

I bet most of us love HubSpot for its blog content. But their newsletters are amazing as well.

HubSpot's quizzes are a nice example of what gamification in emails can be because this is a perfect way to engage with your subscribers.

They also mention a disclaimer in case your inbox doesn't support the quiz, which is also rather customer-oriented.

(Source: Email from HubSpot)

Its unique feature

HubSpot uses email marketing to entertain its audience, and they are pretty good at it. Their emails also stand out for their accessibility.

In emails, they entertain their users and share helpful content.

This is what makes successful newsletters.

20. Everlane

Subject line: 10 tips to reduce plastic waste.

Some say that caring about the environment became kind of mainstream among different brands and companies. Well, we call it responsibility and commitment.

Everlane started its campaign related to reducing plastic waste. They made a commitment to eliminate virgin plastic from their supply change, and they explain how they are going to reach the goal.

Newsletter Example from Everlane

(Source: Email from Everlane)

The brand also invites you to join the people who care. They provide you with a guide to help you with doing the first steps to reduce plastic waste.

Its unique feature

It's not just a single email to impress the audience, they really started the campaign to spread the word about why it's important to care about nature.

And the "I'm just one person", — say 7 billion people" expression had me.

21. Stripo

Subject line: Holiday Email Templates from Stripo 📅.

Stripo shared an event calendar for the summer months and a plenty of holiday email templates for the upcoming holidays in this email. 

Newsletter Examples _ Way to Share marketing materials in a monthly newsletter

(Source: Email from Stripo)

Its unique feature

It's a full package. Users got a list of upcoming holidays and a bunch of dedicated ready-to-use templates for every event.

22. Tiffany & Co.

Subject line: Complimentary Father's Day: Shipping Starts Now.

Nothing extra, but still extremely appealing and beautiful. That's all that comes to mind when you look through this email newsletter.

A few pictures show details of the gifts you might present to a man for Father's Day. And a brief note that they won't charge you for shipping. Aren't you already clicking the "Shop Now" button?

Newsletter design matters for the holiday campaign

(Source: Email from Tiffany & Co.)

The email newsletter also contains huge buttons which lead to the website in case you need ideas for any other occasion.

And it's arranged ideally for mobile devices.

Its unique feature

It's laconic, yet exhaustive and appealing. Seems like it's the best design for a jewelry store.

23. UEFA Women's Champions League Final

Subject line: Anna, Lyon win the 2021/22 Women's Champions League!

You may see that this email newsletter doesn't have an outstanding design. But it's not the thing its recipients are looking for.

Appealing Email newsletter Example by UEFA

(Source: Email from UEFA)

Champions League is about emotions, and this email is full of them. Just look at these photos and videos. You can also watch the highlights of the match by clicking the button.

Also, they attach the official playlist of the UEFA Women's Champions League Final, because we all know how music can immediately connect us to some events or valuable moments in life.

Its unique feature

Emotions are the essence of this email.

24. Women's Equality Day

FitnessGym uses Women's Equality Day to show that women can be better, faster, and stronger. There are a few pictures with women who really inspire those who are planning to become a member of a fitness community.

You can learn more about the membership and get up to a 50% discount by simply clicking the buttons. There is also a sale on sports suits because if you buy a good outfit, you will be encouraged to visit the gym more often.

Share only relevant content with your subscribers

Use prebuilt templates to create your emails faster
Use this template

Its unique feature

This email newsletter template is colorful, touches different pain points, and motivates you to join the club right away.

25. Christmas Pizza

If you sell pizza, you don't need to do something extra to attract customers :)

It could've been so ten years ago when there wasn't so much competition on the market. Now, you really have to come up with unusual ideas for your digital marketing strategy to get more clients. And this newsletter template is a good example.

There's a puzzle you need to solve to get Pepperoni pizza as a gift to your order. They also provide you with some suggestions you might want to order (because you do need that Pepperoni pizza you've just won, don't you?)

Pay close attention to newsletter design

Deliver funny content to subscribers inboxes
Use this template

Just look at all those colorful and attractive photos which make you hungry by just watching them. You can already feel the taste. By the way, you may order a callback.

Its unique feature

This email newsletter leaves the opportunity to have a look through the entire menu and choose the exact product you need.

A piece of advice

We believe you found this article helpful and will use our favorite email newsletter examples for inspiration in the future.

You can always customize one of our free newsletter templates, create newsletters on your own with our email editor, or order one from our professionals.

Final thoughts

  1. Remember to add intriguing subject lines.

  2. Be sure to get a user's consent to send emails to their personal email address.

  3. The design matters. Make it suit the mood of the entire campaign.

  4. Engage customers with interactive emails.

  5. Don't be afraid to try something new to make your future emails awaited.

We hope you loved our compilation of the great email newsletter examples that impressed us with their creativity.

May your future campaigns be even more successful!

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