What is a promotional email

Table of contents
  1. Definition of a promotional email
  2. Where a promotional email is used
  3. Types of promotional emails
  4. Promotional email examples of usage
  5. Wrapping up
Definition of a promotional email

Promotional emails are a common marketing tactic businesses of all sizes use to engage with their audience and increase sales. Here you will find the definition, uses, and types of promotional emails and some examples of effective promotional email campaigns.

Definition of a promotional email

A promotional email is an email sent to customers or subscribers to promote a product or service. A successful promotional email should include the following key elements to convert unsure readers:

Intriguing subject line

It should grab the customer's attention and be compelling enough to entice them to open the email.


Use subscribers' names, buying habits, preferences, or other relevant information to make the promotional email more personal. Provide a valuable discount, fully engage customers, and establish positive relationships.

Clear and concise message

Choose exclusive content that resonates with your audience, and your promotional email campaign will increase sales.

Call to action

Any successful promotional emails should encourage the recipient to take needed action. Use persuasive language to make the CTA prominent and easy to find visually.

Visual elements

Use relevant images to make the flash sale promotional email more engaging. The design should be adapted to mobile devices.


Use consistent branding throughout the promotional email marketing to reinforce brand recognition and build customer loyalty.

Social media links and contact information

Make it easy for recipients to get in touch with the business on any platform and via different channels.

Where a promotional email is used

Businesses and industries of all sizes can use professional promotional emails to promote their products or services to their target audience:

  • E-commerce: Promotional emails can be used to promote sales and special offers, new product releases, and abandoned cart reminders.
  • Travel and hospitality: Use these emails to promote vacation packages, holiday season deals, and special programs for loyal customers.
  • Financial services: Here you can promote new products or services, such as credit cards, loans, or investment products.
  • Healthcare: Email marketers in healthcare can promote new services, such as health screenings or wellness programs.
  • Retail: Promotional emails can be used to promote in-store events, sales, and new product releases.
  • Food and beverage: You can tell your subscribers about new menu items, seasonal specials, and loyalty programs.

A sleek-looking promotional email can be a powerful tool for businesses to drive sales and generate revenue. By using targeted messaging and personal touches, businesses can engage with their customers and offer exclusive deals to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Promotional emails can also be used to guide customers through the sales funnel, from initial awareness to making a purchase.

Businesses should not only create promotional emails with discounts and other incentives but utilize tools to get new customers and stimulate buying process.

Types of promotional emails

There are several types of promotional emails, including:

  • Discount emails. Discount promotional emails offer customers a promo code on a product or service.
  • Product launch emails. This very informative promotional email announces the release of a new product or service and is designed to generate buzz and excitement around the launch.
  • Event announcement emails. Event emails promote upcoming events, such as sales, product demos, or webinars.
  • Abandoned cart emails. Abandoned cart promotional emails are sent to existing customers who have left items in their shopping cart without completing the purchase. These promotional emails often include customer-exclusive deals or discounts.

Effective email marketing strategy involves crafting compelling promotional messages that resonate with customers and make them feel valued. By sending personalized promotional emails that are relevant to the recipient, businesses can increase the chances of customer engagement and ultimately drive sales.

Promotional email examples of usage

Here are some examples of effective promotional email campaigns:

J.Crew: J.Crew uses promotional email marketing to offer discounts and special offers to its target audience. Their email promotion often features a bold, colorful design and a clear call to action with the brand's personal touch.

Apple: A great promotional email example, Apple, uses promotional emails to announce new product launches, such as releasing a new iPhone or MacBook, to target customers. Their emails often include an attractive subject line, striking visuals, and a clear main message to generate excitement around the launch.

Sephora: Sephora uses email promotions to offer its subscribers discounts, special offers, and rewards. Their email marketing is based on product recommendations and tutorials for users' interest.

Wrapping up

Promotional emails are essential to any email marketing campaign. These emails can help businesses promote their products and services, generate revenue, and build customer engagement and loyalty. By using pre-designed promotional email templates, creating intriguing subject lines, and targeted and personalized promotional messages, and providing premium service, businesses can achieve their marketing goals.

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