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28 December 2020

How to get allowed to send AMP emails to Yahoo users

Build an AMP email
Table of contents
  1. A few words about AMP
  2. How to get whitelisted with Yahoo to be allowed to send AMP emails
  3. Our result
A few words about AMP

If you are familiar with the AMP 4 Email technology, you must have been waiting for Yahoo Mail to join Gmail and, and support AMP. Because 5% of email users worldwide prefer this email client over others.

On October 14th, 2020, Verizon Media announced the launch of AMP for Email in Yahoo. With only one limit — AMP is supported in Yahoo on the web. 

A few words about AMP

If you are not familiar with AMP, we dare to say it’s worth giving a try. Once you give it a try, you’ll never want to go back to trivial promo emails. As AMP allows rating and leaving comments right in emails, it allows delivering real-time content, provides recipients with always fresh information, and allows updating/editing content in emails even after they were delivered to users’ inboxes.

Building Emails with Active Time Slots

How to get whitelisted with Yahoo to be allowed to send AMP emails

The procedure is very similar to the one that Gmail requires.

Step 1. Building an AMP email

For a manual on how to build those emails, please refer to our “Build AMP Emails with Stripo”.

There we in detail show how to do it.

Or may pick any of our prepared templates with AMP components and customize it accordingly to your brand styles, include descriptions and snippets of real products, as Yahoo needs a production-ready email.

If you choose option 2, we recommend picking email templates with simple AMP elements like carousels, accordions, or embedded AMP forms. It will be easier for you to customize it.

Build a similar email for your submission form


Make sure this email contains a fallback element for those customers whose email clients have not added support of AMP yet. Each of our templates already contains this fallback.

Step 2. Sending AMP email to Yahoo

As long as Verizon Media needs to verify that your emails are built properly, according to their requirements for AMP emails, you should send your production-ready AMP email to

Export the AMP email that you’ve built with us to your ESP. Then send this email as a bulk email to Yahoo Mail from the domain you regularly use for your email campaigns.

Step 3. Filling out the form

Here’s the form you need to fill out.

If you have not been added to Gmail and’s whitelist, you can submit your application with this form. On pages 3 and 4, you will be asked if you were whitelisted with those email clients. If you were not, please fill out pages 3 and 4. Gmail and will send you emails with decisions (approval/disapproval).

And if you were whitelisted with them, please just skip those pages.


Do not check any checkboxes here.

Getting Whitelisted with Yahoo_the Gmail Page

Our result

Of course, you will have to wait for some time for the good news from Yahoo.

We submitted our form on December 16th. Still waiting for any update from Verizon Media.

Once we get it, we will share our results here.

Build an AMP email with Stripo in under an hour to get whitelisted with Stripo
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Tom Kulzer 2 years ago
It's worth noting that Yahoo announced changes last month, that if you're sending from AWeber as your ESP you no longer need to register separately with Yahoo to display AMP content.
Aditya Sharma 3 years ago
Hi Hanna, great explanation of the process, had a query about 'Do not check any checkboxes here', can you explain this further and the resson for it? i have submitted for whitelisting with Gmail and Yahoo in the same form, and have checked the 'Yes' button as i was able to send mails while testing AMP to my Gmail account. Thanks
Hanna Kuznietsova 3 years ago
Hello, Aditya. Would you clarify please if you are able to send AMP email campaigns to your recipients or send test emails to yourself from Stripo when testing AMP emails? Google allowed our users to send test emails from Stripo to see if AMP works. But to be allowed to send AMP emails to subscribers, you need to get Google's permission (which, based on your comment on another blog post I can say, you have requested). I believe if you click "yes" they might check on it. And if a user has not been whitelisted with Google yet, I believe this might cause a little misunderstanding. But this is just my opinion. I have not been able to test that. In this post, I suggested that you do not check those boxes because when I clicked "yes", Google reached out to me and said they had not received my production-ready AMP email. Even though previously we had been whitelisted with Google. So I had to explain that we had been previously whitelisted with Gmail and that I was just trying to submit my application to Yahoo only. Given that you are submitting your request to both Google and Yahoo, I believe this is a good idea that you checked the "Yes" checkbox in this section May both Google and Yahoo reach out to you with a positive decision anytime soon!
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