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03 March 2023

St. Patrick’s Day emails: examples and subject lines [+ templates]

Create your own St. Patrick’s Day emails
Table of contents
  1. St Patrick’s day emails: Real-life examples
  2. Best St Patrick’s day email subject lines
  3. Email templates for St Patrick’s Day
  4. Final words
St Patrick’s day emails: Real-life examples

Spring is almost on the doorstep, full of various holidays and occasions that are great for email newsletters. This is the moment where you need to show your creativity to be victorious in the fight for clicks and the open rate of your emails. St. Patrick's Day is no exception.

This holiday is celebrated annually on March 17, not only in Ireland, but throughout the world. And this event is not to be missed. In this article, we will take a closer look at the experience of famous brands and their St. Patrick’s Day email marketing campaigns and examples of Patrick's Day subject lines, and also advise you on some top-notch templates in the Stripo email design platform.

St Patrick’s day emails: Real-life examples

In order to understand how best to design an email for St. Patrick's Day, you should first look at the experience of other companies and the creativity of their marketing departments. We've rounded up the top ten Patrick's Day email examples you should take a look at.

1. Postmates

The extremely well-known food delivery service Postmates decided to hold an action using email, pushing its audience to order Irish beer with other dishes, thereby celebrating this holiday. Their email turned out to be quite colorful, and they did not forget about one of the attributes of St. Patrick's Day — a rainbow, at the end of which an elf with a pot of gold is waiting for everyone.

Postmates St. Patrick

(Source: Really Good Emails)

2. Uber Eats

Such a fun holiday cannot do without delicious food, and Uber Eats understands this. On this holiday, the company, in a themed style, decided to introduce new users to the benefits of the platform, using simple and bright images with the main symbols of the holiday.

Uber Eats Patrick

(Source: Really Good Emails)

3. Harry's

An integral attribute of St. Patrick's Day is fun. It's a celebration of humor, and it's worth showing in your newsletter, as did Harry's, a brand that sells shaving equipment and personal care products for men. In their St. Patrick’s Day email campaign, they gave a funny statistic about the amount of beer in a man's mustache going missing on St. Patrick's Day. This approach is funny; it emphasizes one of the holiday's hallmarks and offers to buy shaving products.

Harry`s Patrick

(Source: Really Good Emails)

4. Leesa

Knock-knock jokes are pure classics that can be generated endlessly and adjusted to fit different needs. Mattress manufacturer Leesa decided to use one in their email newsletter, depicting a cut-out dialogue in the messenger that congratulates St. Patrick's Day and unobtrusively advertises the brand's products and their quality.

Leesa Patrick

(Source: Really Good Emails)

5. Pulp & Press

Green is the color of St. Patrick's Day. What else do we associate this color with? That's right, with organics and nature. The manufacturer of cold-pressed juices Pulp & Press used a themed St. Patrick's Day email marketing campaign to notify its audience about the sale of freshly squeezed green juices. Along with this Patrick's Day-themed email, the brand also congratulated everyone on the holiday and explained the beneficial properties of such juices.

PulpNPress Patrick

(Source: Really Good Emails)

6. Sandals Resort

Travel companies also do not bypass this holiday spirit and try to be creative in designing their email newsletters. Sandals Resorts has given its customers a St. Patrick's Day Sale. All this is wrapped in a shamrock, which is another symbol of this holiday.

Sandals Resort Patrick

(Source: Email-competitors)

7. Curvissa

Clothing brands also seize the opportunity to give their audience a piece of the holiday, and emails are a great way to do this. The women's clothing boutique Curvissa, in the form of a "lucky day" email, provides its customers with a promo code, by entering which each recipient gets a secret authentic gift. Intriguing, isn't it? A pretty good strategy to use.

Curvissa Patrick

(Source: Email-competitors)

8. Kahlúa

Another tradition on St. Patrick's Day is drinking whiskey; the special term Patrick's cup was coined for this. The liqueur manufacturer Kahlúa did not miss a chance and advertised an interesting cocktail based on Kahlúa liqueur and Jameson whiskey, which will perfectly complement St. Patrick's Day. In addition to the festive design, this email offers value — anyone can download the recipe for such a cocktail with a click and surprise their friends.

Kahla Patrick

(Source: Really Good Emails)

9. Better Homes & Gardens

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated not only in bars and parades but also in the family circle in the comfort of home. Better Homes & Gardens is a themed blog about recipes, home improvement tips, and much more. On this holiday, they made a thematic newsletter of useful articles about St. Patrick's Day, holiday recipes, and much more.

Gardens Patrick

(Source: Email-competitors)


It would seem that only a few relevant industries can celebrate St. Patrick in their email newsletters. But what if we tell you that carpet manufacturers also do not mind delighting their audience with a holiday email campaign? The brand provides huge discounts to its customers on St. Patrick's Day. The entire email is made on the theme of good luck that this holiday brings with it.

Rugs Patrick

(Source: Really Good Emails)

Best St Patrick’s day email subject lines

So we've discussed examples of real campaigns and their St. Patrick's Day emails, and I hope this helped you to paint a picture of your future newsletter. However, without catchy subject lines, your creativity may be missed in the flow of other emails. We decided to make a small Patrick's Day collection of subject lines from actual companies that we already mentioned today, as well as a few new ones to bring you St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaign ideas.

  1. You're In Luck With St. Patrick's Day Savings 🍀 –
  2. Open Me, I'm Irish ☘️ – Postmates
  3. Did someone say nutrient-rich greens? 🥬 – Pulp & Press
  4. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Home This Year – Better Homes & Gardens
  5. Our Lucky Shamrock Will Shine on You with Special Gifts – Sandals Resort
  6. Lucky you! Our St Patricks Day Special is on… – Curvissa
  7. Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with Uber Eats – Uber Eats
  8. 🔥🔥 St.Patrick's Day Sale - Ending Tonight – Pen Boutique
  9. Happy St Patrick! Last Chance for your 10 Off* Sitewide 🍀 – Allurez
  10. ☘️ St. Patrick's Day Sale Ends Today! ☘️ –
  11. Happy St Patrick Day | 10% discount – Baracuta
  12. A gift from St. Patrick: Up to 70% off designer everything – Saks Fifth Avenue
  13. The St. Patricks Day Sale 60% Off Ends Tonight! – Ami Clubwear
  14. ☘️ LUCKY YOU: 17% OFF TONIGHT – Victoria's Secret
  15. What’s That at the End of the Rainbow? – Reverb
  16. 17% off online orders for St. Patricks Day — Newark.

  17. St. Patrick's Day Special - Free Drinks This Weekend Only! — ROL Cruise.

  18. St. Patrick's Day Gear For All Your Teams! — FansEdge.

  19. St. Patrick's Day Exclusive: Win a New Keurig K145 Bundle Plus Take 10% Off Sitewide! — CoffeeForLess.

  20. St. Patrick's Day is Friday! Shop & Save $20! — Party City.

  21. Happy St. Patrick's Day! 20% Off Continues. — Prep Sportswear.

  22. Get ready for St. Patrick's Day – Celebrate in Green. — Heatons.

  23. 🍀 This Might Just Be Your Lucky Day... 🍀 — Dollar Tree.

  24. St. Patrick's Day Sale 50% off + Free Shipping. 24 Hrs Only — Global Eyeglasses.

  25. 30+ St. Patrick's Day Party Recipes — Tablespoon.

Email templates for St Patrick’s Day

Still unsure about what email to do for your St. Patrick's Day newsletter? Then our templates are what you need. We have collected five favorite Patrick's Day email templates from our Stripo collection for your convenience. You can combine them with St. Patrick's Day email subject lines to craft a perfect newsletter for your St. Patrick's Day email campaign.

Template for the Hobbies industry

Want to tease and invite your audience to a big St. Patrick's Day event? This template is perfect for such needs, thanks to the built-in countdown timer and the ability to tell future guests about the schedule of any event in detail. And emerald colors will add brightness and a festive mood to your newsletter, so this template is worth adopting.

Stripo Patrick Template Hobbie

Prepare your emails to festive with Stripo’s templates
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Template for the Hotels industry

Patrick's Day celebrations are attended by residents and tourists who are happy to join interesting customs and cultures. Advertise your hotel or hostel with this template. You can easily describe all the advantages of your hotel and its hospitality and wrap it all in a festive atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day.

Stripo Template Patrick Hotel

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Template for the Finance industry

Even if your business is as serious as possible and cannot offer festive events, congratulations on holiday will still fall into the heart of your audience. Choose warm words and add a pinch of creativity when designing a St. Patrick's Day email; your audience will be happy.

Stripo Template Patrick Finance

Design your newsletter for St. Patrick’s Day using our templates
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Template for Beauty & Personal Care industry

St. Patrick's Day is a great occasion to please your audience with various discounts and promotional products. We have developed a special template for cosmetics stores that will help businesses inform recipients about the start of the holiday sale. Add high-quality photos of products, and don't forget about CTA buttons to motivate subscribers to take action.

Stripo Template Patrick Personal Care

Сreate the first-class email for St. Patrick’s Day with this template
Use this template

Template for the Fashion industry

Green clothes are essential to Saint Patrick's Day and should not be missed. You have a great opportunity to start your green clothes sale, and our exclusive St. Patrick's Day email template will help you with this. Customize it to suit your store and bring the holiday into your customers' inboxes.

Stripo Template Patrick Fashion

Use this St. Patrick’s Day template for your newsletter
Use this template

Final words

St. Patrick's Day is a special holiday that requires creativity from marketing departments. Not only should emails be helpful to recipients, but they should also contain the essential attributes of this holiday, starting from the subject line and ending with a footer. We hope this article has given you some inspiration, and you are ready to design your unique emails for Patrick's Day campaign. And the Stripo email design platform will help you in this process.

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