Effective Product Launch Announcement Emails

Hanna Kuznietsova
Effective Product Launch Announcement Emails
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Effective Product Launch Announcement Emails
March 15, 2018 | 8,062 views

What makes iPhone the most awaited and desired product of a year? We know there are smartphones that are not worse than the Apple’s products (Apple developers, I beg your pardon), but nobody cares about their releases and updates.


Recently, Google only announced it wants to use AMP in order to make emails interactive. And the whole world is already anticipating this product launch.

It’s all about the proper announcement.

The both companies evoked anticipation and desire in prospects to buy and use their products. How? We’ll reveal their secret that makes their campaigns so special.


We’ll also share the best announcement email examples.

Effective announcement campaigns comprise three steps

     1. Development of the product
     2. Promotion of its unique features and the benefits the users will get
     3. Justification of people’s trust

Of course, the first step does not depend on the marketers, but the last two do. The third one is a consequence of the second one. Before promoting and announcing your up-and-coming product, try it out, define its pros and cons. And be honest with the customers during the whole promo campaign.

The second step is probably the most important one.

This is what Starbucks sent to its customers. A perfect software update email sample.


Step two — promotional campaigns

Definitely, the promotional campaigns should be advertised via the following channels:
     ➢ Mass media
     ➢ Social nets
     ➢ Newsletters

I ain’t gonna tell you that only properly done newsletter email templates will bring success to your company. Never, as a single channel is not capable to do this. Use them all for your campaign’s success.

Of course, you know how to promote your product via the mass media and social channels.

But is it reasonable to send out announcement newsletters when you are already using two powerful channels? Of course, it is! The more people hear about your updates or product launch, the more chances they would love to get one.


You will even need to create a sequence of the emails to keep the target audience updated and to keep them interested in your product.

How many emails in a sequence? At least, 3 of them. The first one to inform about the upcoming launch, this way you build anticipation. Here you can mention a few unique features your product possesses.

The second one is to keep the audience updated. Remind about the mentioned features and add a new one. Make sure to display a photo or two, or even a short video about the product.

The third one is to inform about the release date and the way people can get the new device.

Note: if you start announcing the product launch a few months prior to the release date, then you are welcome to extend your sequence to 4-6 emails.

Announcement email design

Certainly, a perfect design will not save a poor campaign. But it can empower an already good impression.

As John Wooden said, “Little things make big things happen

When starting a new email announcement campaign, first of all you should consider the type of the announcement.

Types of the announcement emails

     ➢ Product launch
     ➢ Products’ update
     ➢ New features’ release after the poll and constructive feedbacks
     ➢ Upcoming sales
     ➢ Offline events, like seminars and conferences
     ➢ Webinars
     ➢ Pre-premiere of a movie
     ➢ Pre-order of the books
     ➢ Job offer announcement


In this article, we wanted to talk particularly about the product launch and feature updates.
And eventually, we will post an article about Sales Announcement.

Tips on how to design an announcement email:

     1. there is no need to say that images should be of a very high quality, with the product close-up as this is obvious;
     2. no superfluous elements and extra images;
     3. the less text the better. Make it very concise. Every single word is to fulfill its mission;
     4. use the Rule of Three.

Carmine Gallo wrote an article for Forbes where mentioned that the Golden Rule of Three works not only for the military, but for the marketers, as well. “Three is easier to remember than four or seven” he says. And I would like to add that “Three is better than one or two”.


Steve Jobs was probably the first one to implement this rule in marketing. At least he was the first to do it successfully — and this is the company’s secret.

Steve Jobs in his presentations always promised to present three devices. But in the end there appeared to be just one gadget, combining the three.

His marketing campaign consisted of the three steps.

If you cannot place three images in a row, then you should try at least to divide the text into three columns for better perception.



All emails have a standard structure, but announcements require special treatment.

Let us divide our chosen emails into three groups:
     ➢ Product launch
     ➢ Features release
     ➢ Invitations, as they may be a part of product release sequence

Everything is pretty clear with the product launch announcements. The focus is on the images.

But in messages with the features’ release you are welcome to focus on anything you wish: either on the features, dates of release or for example share your company’s news with the subscribers. But the release features should be pretty easy to notice also.


Invitations… It will be just a great idea to hold a webinar or an offline presentation to introduce your product. We have already said a lot about invitations to webinars and offline events. Thus, we will not stop here.

CTA button

Definitely, even announcement emails should comprise the CTA buttons.

For the emails promoting devices and other products we are going to launch, it would be reasonable to add the “Pre-order button”. Same as for the books.


For the online and offline events you should add the “Take my seat” button. For the emails like birthday celebrations or invitations, you should apply the “Yes, I will be there” or “Confirm my presence” buttons.

Use just one single call to action. And duplicate the buttons as many times as you wish.

The subject line

Please, avoid boring subject lines. Look inside your inbox. What do you see? Typical: “Woohoo! We are launching new devices!” or “New updates to be released soon!”

It is impossible to impress the recipients with these old, trivial and not intriguing phrases. Try to be more creative. As long as the subject lines’ mission is to convince the readers to open the email.

Of course, something, like “Noteworthy email” as the subject line will not impress the readers either.

If you are going to announce that you have added FAQs to your website, why not to mention this in the subject line? “An FAQ email” or “New wireless water-resistant headphones for your iPod”.

If you have previously made a poll among your customers regarding the features and options they would like to see on your website, and you know the date you are going to implement them, you can make the following subject line: “We heard you” or mention in the subject line the questions you have asked.


The subject should be creative, intriguing or very concise as in the example.


There is a traditional strategy you should stick to when starting an announcement campaign:
     ➢ Explain what kind of the product it is and its unique features
     ➢ Why people would need it
     ➢ The release date
     ➢ The way people can buy it

But we have just surveyed the Apple newsletters’ examples. Why them? Because they have probably the best marketing team among their competitors. I am not an Apple fan. I like other devices more. But their marketing campaigns are always amazing, impressive and thoroughly prepared. Most of their emails are the announcements of new products’ launch, software updates, but not typical products’ promotion.

Apple announcement newsletters’ strategy

     ➢ They promote their product via many channels
     ➢ Build anticipation
     ➢ Create sequences of announcement email newsletters
     ➢ Stick to the design tips
     ➢ Avoid boring and typical subject lines
     ➢ Stick to the rule of 3
     ➢ Apply the “Pre-order” CTA buttons
     ➢ Add the “Share via socials” buttons
     ➢ Are honest

As long as the strategy preparation requires much efforts and time, Stripo.email strives to facilitate your work and save you lots of precious time. We have already created a product announcement email template and product update email templates.

In case you are extremely busy and have no time to work with the editor, you can ask our professionals for assistance. Our designers and developers will kindly help you create a perfect template with the design that completely corresponds your website.

May your announcement email newsletters be effective. And may Apple learn from you!

I sincerely wish you best of luck!

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