08 March 2023

How Placeit by Envato uses Stripo to boost email marketing

Boost your email marketing
Table of contents
  1. About Placeit company
  2. Challenge: What email template editor did Placeit need?
  3. Solution: How does Stripo work?
  4. Results: Why Placeit has been using Stripo for 2.5 years and will continue to do so
  5. Some results in examples and numbers
  6. Blitz question from Stripo
  7. Wrapping up
About Placeit company

Using Stripo allowed the Placeit email marketing team to free up time to create emails and make the email campaign their 5th source of revenue. In this case, they spoke about how the company started working with Stripo and the corresponding results.

About Placeit company

Placeit is an Envato business vertical that brings innovative design solutions to people worldwide and makes it easy to create a logo or product design.

The company operates in design and technology, creating high-quality branding and marketing tools. It helps create visual assets for brands, regardless of the technical or artistic skills, using simple and understandable design tools.

Placeit’s in-house marketing team in Mexico includes SEO, content, social media, design, and email marketing. They work from different cities and, in some cases, countries.

Challenge: What email template editor did Placeit need?

Placeit sends countless emails to its subscribers. Emails aim to convey Placeit’s essence. So visually, all emails must be creative, innovative, and appealing to match the product that it corresponds to: ready-to-use logos, mockups, designs, and videos for user projects.

Placeit’s marketing goal is to convert users into subscribers. However, once recruited, the goal is to send subscribers useful newsletters with business tips and inspiration or upcoming features based on their interests. This way, users can see the brand as a business partner.

“Email is an effective channel that we use to reach both acquisition and retention goals. Last year, the email channel was our 5th source of revenue!”

Adriana Enriquez Oliver

Email Marketing Team Lead for Placeit by Envato

It is important for a company to demonstrate its expertise in brand design to its subscribers. They were looking for an email template editor that was, first and foremost, marketing- and user-friendly. Also, they wanted to experiment with effects, animations, fonts, and different colors.

Solution: How does Stripo work?

Placeit by Envato has been using Stripo since the summer of 2020. After the first trials, the email marketing team understood just how helpful Stripo was for them.

Here’s what the team’s workflow looks like:

  1. A dedicated Placeit team handles the email marketing strategy. They also calendarize, plan, write, build, and send email newsletters to promote their products.

  2. The email marketing team, a three-member team, uses Stripo, but they can share the templates with team members who need Stripo access to get feedback.

  3. Sometimes, they ask the design team to help them build templates for special promotions, and they create them directly through Stripo.

  4. They then export the HTML to Iterable, the cross-channel marketing platform for sending emails. In Iterable, they segment the list and program the email.

In this process, each team member is the owner of their email: they are assigned to write the copy, ask the designers for images, layouts, or tips, and ask for feedback from the rest of the team.

Results: Why Placeit has been using Stripo for 2.5 years and will continue to do so

The Placeit team has seen positive results since using Stripo’s email builder to prepare their emails.

Here are the main conclusions over the period of use:

  • Stripo was easy to set up in Placeit’s style.

  • It is very easy to use Stripo as a non-HTML expert. After preparing the design, they configured a master template, and the team then spent no more than an hour creating a newsletter. This way, they could spend more time analyzing results and thinking about how to be more relevant for their users.

  • The mobile optimization tools are very intuitive and user-friendly, although other drag-n-drop editors might require some manual adjustments.

  • Placeit has the freedom and ability to experiment with effects, animations, fonts, and different colors, which can be used in a variant in Stripo, downloaded, saved as modules, and synchronized in all emails.

Some results in examples and numbers

Let’s look at some examples of emails made with Stripo and evaluate their results.


The first example is the most clicked email from the latest holiday campaign. It got an amazing 85.87% click-through rate (CTR).

The idea was to get people to visit every day so that they could find a new free template. They returned to this email to click it and access the site. In fact, it was the most clicked email of the previous year!

Subject line: Today’s free template is here

Email from the holiday campaign

(Source: Email from Placeit)

Another well-performing email was the reminder of Placeit’s Easter sale. As you can see, they tried to show urgency with a countdown. Judging by the numbers, it worked! The email got a +25% CTR!

Subject line: 20% OFF is hoppin' away in just hours

Email for Easter sale

(Source: Email from Placeit)

Blitz question from Stripo

Do you remember the brightest moment working with the editor, when you thought, “wow, that really can be done so easily”?

“Yes! Talking about countdowns, we tried Stripo’s timer feature during the holiday campaign. It was incredibly easy to set up with the help of the support team.”

Adriana Enriquez Oliver

Email Marketing Team Lead for Placeit by Envato

Here’s an example:

Email template with countdown

(Source: Email from Placeit)

Wrapping up

Placeit by Envato has been using Stripo since the summer of 2020. The account stats indicate that they have built 965 email newsletters.

They are now focusing on creating more personalized emails, and Stripo is also helping with this. In the near future, the Placeit team plans to try the Stripo features for creating AMP emails, namely adding an image carousel, an accordion, survey forms, and possibly gamification.

This plan also includes surveys and self-segmentation forms. They also plan to introduce a gamification strategy for loyal customers. Our current projects also include user-generated content and dynamic emails so that users can receive hyper-customized newsletters.

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level, free up time and space to experiment, and get positive results for your company? Do it together with Stripo!

Boost your email marketing with Stripo!
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